A few pictures for Chemocurl ;)

quilt_mommy(5/6 Northeast Ohio)March 21, 2011

Sue! My visits have been very sparse in the past few months as I had been SO very busy with school. I have made the huge decision to put school on hold because last September I discovered I was pregnant!

In any case I didn't garden or document my garden as much as I would have liked last year, but I DID take a few pictures of the gorgeous Heirloom Burgundy Celosia I grew from the seeds you sent me. These were such showstoppers in my garden!!! This was in October, the stalks were falling over and so I took a few from the ground to collect seeds. This year I want to do a big patch of these gorgeous flowers!

I thought you might enjoy seeing how much gardeners enjoy the seeds you share, and know that I so very much appreciate your generosity and all the trouble you go through to save and exchange seeds!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Oh my...thanks for the kind words and for sharing your pics! I agree, that particular cockscomb is indeed a real showstopper.

True story here about them and getting the seeds. I was driving down the highway and saw a whole long row of those going across a rural property. The first time I saw/gazed at them, I was in awe, and wasn't paying very good attention to my driving, and hmmmm....got a bit close to the center line. Thankfully a friend was with me and alerted me to get my eyes back on the road and pay attention to my driving. I passed them several more times that year, while they were in bloom, taking extra care to pay attention to the road. Late in the season of that year, I ended up stopping by the place, and talked with the resident and he was more than happy to share the then faded blooms just loaded with seeds.

I'm behind right now at getting those seeds out to 3 different members wanting them. YIKES!


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quilt_mommy(5/6 Northeast Ohio)

Cockscomb! Oh I was wrong, not celosia, it's cockscomb isn't it? You still knew what I meant though! ;)

Isn't that neat - I love hearing how you came upon the seeds for your own garden. I have never seen flowers like these before, and neither have any of my friends, family, or neighbors! LOL* Everyone was very excited with them, and you are so right, they are just LOADED with seeds at the end of the year! I will surely have many to share this fall, as long as the seeds I plant this year do as well as the ones you sent me. I just adore these!

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