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reeselayne(8 North Texas)March 13, 2009

I had a trade with a member here who was very difficult to say the least. She got very irate with me even after I explained that the plant she wanted was in a back field and would take some time to get. I told the trader this up front. She then proceeded to email me every day wondering if I had mailed. She sent hers quickly (not packaged well, and not really good shape, but ok... it is the dormant season after all) I told her my child was sick and torential rains had kept me from getting out to get the plant. she then proceeded to send some not really nice emails and finally Ipromised I would mail today (which I did)just to get her to leave me alone. We agreed to the trade on March 6th. Am I really that late? I was up front about the whole thing and life does happen from time to time! I had to walk out to the field because it was too muddy to get there any other way... We have black dirt here and just a little rain makes it tought to get around. So after an almost mile walk there and back in the rain and mud...I got the plants packed up and mailed. and honestly I am a bit miffed. It is supposed to be nice next week and I honestly didnt think a week was unreasonable, maybe even a bit longer. Am I out of touch? sorry to ramble but this one trader was a tad pushy....

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Let me guess...she was wanting all of the rooted trumpet vines you would send her...right? Is this the one you posted about in the MG(morning glory)woman thread?

No you are not that late at all, imho. So long as you are communicating with her (as nasty and impatient as she might be), you should not be concerned with her !@#$ impatience. Sheesh...folks have lives and have commitments other than hiking and digging plants in rain and mud.

I refuse to commit to trading 'some' things based on just how much time and energy is involved in getting the plants example is the yellow violets that are WAY back in the woods...minimum of 1 hour or maybe more to get there, find them, and get back home.

I won't mail just any ole day of the week either. If I mailed on a Fri, it would likely be Mon (3 days) before it would be delivered. If I mail on Thurs, it Might be there in 2 days, but more than likely it will be 4 days!...too long to be enroute if it can be helped.

Because I don't get to town very often at all during PO hours, I dig, package, weigh, print postage, and schedule the pick-up the night before it is to go out.

Sorry to hear you had such a bad plant trading experience. Some things just get learned the hard way, and I'm sorry you received some emails that weren't so nice. There is just no excuse for such a thing!

I hope that you can find a way of wording a review on this member so that the facts are given and others can be warned that she is quite impatient.

If ever you attempt to trade plants again, you might want to have the trader hold off on mailing until you are comfortable about when you can conveniently work it into your schedule to dig, package, and mail. You might note on your trade page behind the trumpet vine that it might not always be available.

I sure hope I never cross paths with her!

I see you have several nice reviews at The Rate and Review Forum

If you are in doubt about a trader, or it just does not sound right, either just politely decline, or feel free to email me with any questions.

Sue....resident busy body...ya know!

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reeselayne(8 North Texas)

Thanks Sue!

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thats why i have "i dont do picky" on my trades page lol.
sorry someone was so pushy with you.
i think sue is right as long as you kept communicating with her it should of been ok. most wait a week before askin if ya mailed out your end.
sue gave ya some good advice :) maybe next time let em know when you can mail out. so your not out in the cold rain. hope you dont get sick from it.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

thats why i have "i dont do picky" on my trades page lol.
Good one! I should add that to mine too.

btw...I even removed a couple of things from my trade list as they were just too hard to dig for trading. One was yucca...another one that involves a long hike and the plant has roots that go clear to China, and the other was little Trout lilies bulbs. I tried digging some, and destroyed several breaking off the stem as the tiny little bulb was planted in China. They were just NOT worth the amount of effort it took to dig.

Iris are great to dig, label and package! Daylilies aren't too bad if they have been dug and lined out for trading recently. If the clump has not been dug in years though they are not worth me listing to trade. I've gotten so much stuff over the years, that I am kinda picky about what I am willing to dig for trading.


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I see nothing wrong with waiting a week or two for a trade as long as your in contact with the person. I mtself have taken that long due to a back injury and have never had an issue when letting the receiver know what's going on.

I hope one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch for you, most gardenwebbers are great to deal with!


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I've been stuck in the house for a week of bad weather with the hub's...he retired as of two yrs ago this coming Aug....I'm surprised I've allowed him to live this long....LOL. I can't imagine someone not understanding this time of year being soggy and miserable.

Anywho...I'm in need to vent some aggravation. Ya want I should muss 'um for ya?*G*

I sure would love a couple dz each of those trout lily and yellow violas...*G*

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I sure would love a couple dz each of those trout lily and yellow violas...*G*

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