What Does BEAP mean

littleonefbMarch 17, 2009

BEAP means bubble envelope and postage. It's a more accurate than the old SASBE which means self addressed stamped envelope.

BEAP seeds are free seeds offered and members that want free seeds send a bubble envelope, postage, return label to the member offering the BEAP seeds and the seeds are sent in the bubble envelope.

So if you see an offer for BEAP seeds, now you know that they are free seeds for postage and a bubble envelope.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Fran,

I'm seeing more and more use of BEAP. Maybe in the future when newbies ask what an sasbe is and how it is handled, one can simply clarify that it is a Bubble Envelope And Postage, and whatever other requirements the offering member asks for such as a return address label, list, and member name being included.


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eileen_shorty2002(7 sw NJ)

Self Addressed Stamped Bubble Envelope

same ... same

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eileen shorty2002,

How is it possible that SASBE and BEAP can mean the same thing?

SASBE means self addressed stamped envelope

BEAP means bubble envelope and postage

If you are sending for free seeds and send a self addressed stamped envelope, you would have to take that SASBE and put it inside another envelope to mail it the member to get the seeds.
That is not what one does for free seed offers.

What you are really doing is not sending a self addressed stamped envelope, if you do things correctly.

What one is properly doing is addressing a bubble envelope to the member/trader. putting an address label inside the envelope, postage stamps and any other info that the trader/member wants. Then you address the bubble envelope to the trader/member and send it to that person.

When the bubble envelope is received by the trader/member/

1. the trader/member opens the bubble envelope and takes everything out

2. puts the return address label on the bubble envelope

3. puts the postage stamps on the bubble envelope

4. puts the seeds inside the bubble envelope and seals it closed.

5. mails the bubble envelope back the member that sent the bubble envelope for the free seeds.

That is why BEAP Bubble Envelope is the correct acronym to use. A bubble envelope and postage was sent for the seeds.

That is why SASBE is incorrect, no self addressed stamped envelope was ever sent, that is if the bubble envelope was sent correctly.


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