How do I contact a GW moderator?

grovespirit(Zone 9)March 26, 2009

My full name was recently posted on a RR thread without my permission, which really bothers me.

Several other people's last names are up there too, and I have no idea if the other members want their last names up there or not.

The way it currently is posted on the publicly searchable forum, all sorts of people on the WWW could use the full name and the delivery confirmation number. This info can easily be put together, for nefarious purposes like identity theft, junk mail and telemarketing lists, spam, and stalking.

When a package gets delivered, USPS info will say where it was delivered to, and that address can then be easily connected with someone's full name (listed right there next to the DC#) and abused.

I believe it is currently against GW's guidelines to post members' full names on the forums.

For privacy and identity-theft prevention, these last names should be removed from the public forum, but I think only a GW moderator can do this.

How do I contact a Gardenweb moderator who can edit this post, and ask them to help out?

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Down at the bottom of the page is a link that says contact us.

Click on that and proceed from there. Just fill in the info and add a message if you want to.

I certainly wouldn't want may name and any personal info posted on any thread that I didn't put there.

Not sure if it is fully against any formal rules, but that kind of info should never, ever be posted by anyone other than the individual member that may or may not decide to post it.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Copy and paste the URL of the thread that has too much info in it...and hopefully they can get it gone quick!

I agree...I don't want tmi out there, but never really gave it much thought about delivery confirmation numbers being posted.


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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Grovespirit, did you happen to make sure the others were aware that their full names were posted? Honestly, I'm wondering it it's something that would really give someone pause if they just glanced over it. Here lately, with all the medication I'm on, I'm not sure if it would register with me that my full name had been posted along with a potentially identifying DC#. I know I would certainly want to know so I could keep a closer eye on things like unsolicited emails, regular mail and even personal identity security.

I'm sure you have, but have you let the person who did it know that that's not acceptable, whether it's against the forum rules or not? It's just plain not safe!


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I sent the person an email.

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

Thanks for all the info, folks. The problematic post was removed.

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