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miss_ellie(6 NJ)March 4, 2009

Hi all,

I am returning after a too-long absence and am longing to trade again. The gardebweb ate my profile, and seed trade list.

I redid my profile (not as good as the original) but it won't let me add a trade list to my exchange page.

I searced, I tried FAQs, but I am afraid no one will want to play with me, since I don't have a list up. :(

How can I get my extensive list up?

Miss Ellie

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Miss Ellie,

Go to the Member Pages link at the bottom of any page here.
Choose Edit your Exchange Lists

edit and then submit



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miss_ellie(6 NJ)

Oh thank you, thank you Sue!!!

Mission Accomplished. I just put a few things in as a place holder while I go home and do more of an extensive inventory and then edit the list.

I was just reading the thread about the MG lady, and cold emailing, and I thought, jeeze, I am really going to be viewed as a persona non gratis with no trade list! Eeeeeek.

Thanks again!
Miss Ellie

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Miss Elle... what...? No MGs? Hmmmm... perhaps we should watch her closely, Sue? *Peering suspiciously for about as long as she can hold before cracking up*

Welcome back, Miss Elle! My name is Kathy and I'm a Seedaholic :)


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miss_ellie(6 NJ)


That's the whole problem, LOL. I come back, see someone requesting MG seeds, enthusiastically offer them up, and then upon further reading learn what a problem it's been.

My next move, I realize I don't have a trade list, and find out that there's much discussion about the cold emailing with people wanting to take, take, take...

"Woah, I'm batting 1,000" I thought. I guess I should have read a little more before I jumped in. :)

Glad to be back, I'm a seedaholic, too!
Miss Ellie

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