container size for eggplants?

CelbriseSeptember 9, 2012

i have an eggplant i been growing from seed it isn't very big but it just started sprouting what seems like it's true leaves. the thing is we have egg plants in our garden but since the garden isn't really tended to the eggplants are extremely small but the plant itself is big.

anyways i have it in a 5gallons bucket not sure what type of eegplant it is the fruit is long and purple. but i was wondering if it will be fine in this 5 gallon bucket or will it need more space?

i ask because i don't have room for bigger bucket then a 5gal if it needs more space i might as well put it down and plant something else

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5 gallons is plenty big enough for one eggplant.
Your description sounds like a japanese long eggplant.
These are the best tasting in my opinion and most productive.
Probably will be the only type I'll grow next year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Eggplant containers

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