Curling leaves on bell peppers

heartsy(z8 LA)September 10, 2007

I planted some bell pepper plants about 6 weeks ago in a large recycle bin. They are growing good and have a good color. I have found no bugs on them, but the leaves are curling under. Can someone tell me what is causing this.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You garnered no response because the list of possibilities is long. In no particular order, it could be caused by:

Nutrient/Micronutrient imbalance (a good guess)
Abiotic soil contamination (herbicide or other)
Watering technique
Light intensity (doubtful @ this time of year)
or others


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heartsy, I tend to agree with Al above for the most part. However, if they are indeed a deep green color and appear to be still putting out top growth that is not yellowing, I would first start looking for black flies as these are common in your part of the country. Black flies are minute flies that will hide on the under sides of the leaves. Because of the small size of these insects, you will need to get very close and be looking for them as they will appear to be tiny black specs and fly off as soon as the leaf is disturbed. Insecticidal soap sprayed particularly underneath will control these. The other thing I would suspect in your part of the country would be "pepper blight" which will cause leaves to crinkle and curl under or two or three other blights that affect peppers, tomatos and potatos. You might try removing all affected leaves and disposing of them into the trash (DO NOT COMPOST THEM). Sometimes the plant will outgrow the blight if you are are diligemt about removing infected parts early. As to a nutrient issue, a simple but complete soil test as provided by your local extension service will provide an excellent answer to this question. Feel free to contact me for more information if you like or if you would like assistance finding your local extension service.

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