HELP! A weedkiller scorched my yard and Im trying to rebuild

hcashewJuly 2, 2011

Hi friends,

When I moved into my home 2 years ago, I foolishly went a little wild with a Weed-B-Gone type product and it worked a little too well.

Take a look at the pics below to see the damage.

Well, now Id like to build these scorched areas from the ground up. Whats the best way to make it fertile again? On this yard id like to use the surrounding iceplant trimmings and re-introduce them in the damaged areas.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

I can't be sure what's going on in your photo, it seems dark on my computer, but it looks like you still have weeds? In any case, remove all the dead weeds, live weeds, and any other debris, then smooth out your planting area and place your iceplant cuttings in the cleared area. Water 2-3 times a week (depending on your weather) until they are well rooted in.

Your weed killer has likely not done anything to the soil. If the weeds have left seeds, they may sprout the moment you begin to water, so be vigilant about pulling out any unwanted plants that sprout.

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Exactly WHAT product did you use, and how "wild" did you get?

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I believe it was Weed-Be-Gone.

SHould I use any fertilizer or mulch or anything to help?

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Unless you used a soil sterilizer like TRIOX, all you need to do is rake out the dead stuff and plant whatever you want.

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