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apex36July 17, 2010

Hello all. I am new to the forum and this is my first posting.I just purchased this house in Fl and need possible landscaping ideas for it. What would you suggest to sprice up the curb appeal of my house.

Thank you all!

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Here's a workable link:

Your house has a nice graceful shape: what in a person would be called "good bones." That's a major plus.

However, the foundation shrubs are overgrown. Nearly all of them overlap the windows. If you can tell us what the shrubs are, people who are knowledgeable about pruning those varieties may be able to tell you whether or not you can change the shape and size. Would your budget run to replacing some or all of them?

The two large shrubs on the right aren't centered around the window between them. Also, their lower growth is thin. Again, if you could tell us what they are, people who are more knowledgeable than I am about what grows in Florida could tell you what your options are.

I'm assuming this photo was taken in winter and the large tree in front of the house is deciduous rather than unhealthy. Is that colored mulch around the tree or something flowering? Right now, what catches my eye about the house is the overgrown shrubs, the color at the base of the tree, and the lovely teal front door.

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much too much link address - had to chop everything after your name/ to get it to show.

Small picture, even enlarged, but the shrubbery looks bottom dead and chewed up, especially on the right side. I'd cast some doubt on any kind of rejuvenation pruning or any more shaping and meatballing or flattopping. Rip everything out and start with a blank slate; you don't seem to have any foundation to hide, so why do it? It's a nice house and one instance where, perhaps, less is more.

What's the red stuff in the tree ring? I'm personally not fond of tree rings, but a nicely shaped island bed incorporating the tree in the lawn is something else again.

The front door is a pretty color - almost matches the sky in the picture. Somebody will invariably proffer painting that a color that really "pops"; then will come the trellis suggestion ( or growing something fragrant and thorny up the pillars), changing out the shutters and adding window boxes.

I'm not trying to be snarky, but sometimes the curb appeal threads prompt an almost predictable, formulaic response.

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I can not tell what the shrubs are, We noticed they were overgrown and those will be trimmed. We will remove the 2 tress to the right site as they died. The circle around the front tree is red mulch. We were thinking about removing the sago palm tree to the left.Any suggestion for plants, hostas , flowers etc...
We want to add more shrubs and add some color to the landscaping.!

Here is a larger , clearer picture of it:

Thanks for the responses so far

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Link to larger photo:

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Two comments:

Replace all the red mulch with black mulch asap. Red mulch never looks right, at least imho. Is the tree in the front yard dead? I know you said the ones to the right were.

I wouldn't remove the sago palm. It looks really nice right there.

Beyond that, I'd like to see what other people say.

It's a really nice house.

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karinl(BC Z8)

What Duluth said.

If you had no tree in the front yard and asked the forum where in the front yard you should put one, I don't think you would find anyone who would suggest putting one just THERE. The best way I can think of to mitigate that very awkward placement is to put a large, nicely shaped bed anchored by the tree, or two beds, one coming in from each side. Add the plants with the flower and foliage interest you crave. Plant a new tree somewhere else along the front. Once all that grows in a bit, remove this tree.

And just rip out everything at the foundation and don't replant anything there; at most put in a nice groundcovering plant, maybe with some perennials as highlights. Let the house show.

For plant suggestions, the best thing to do is visit your local nursery. That way you can choose from what's available and what does well locally.


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Thanks for the ideas. I Will remove everything. Im still undecided about the sago. My wife things that the sago blocks the view of the house. The tree in the front I may also remove ,never thought of that.So far I agree with removing everything from the foundation and having perennials and ground coverings.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Since you like the sago but aren't entirely happy with its current location, perhaps you could move it -- for example, to one of the corners of the house. We can't see the property lines or the driveway in your photo, so I don't know if there might be a good place away from the house.

I know nothing about sagos, but apparently it is possible to move them:

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