I finally got fed up

karyn1(7a)March 17, 2008

I finally sent someone their sasbe back unfilled. I'd posted a seed offer many months ago. Somehow it was dug back up, no problem. I still had seeds available. In the post I said that the sasbe needed to be received within a specific time frame, maybe 2 weeks. I don't remember. Someone contacted me on 2/2 and wanted the seeds. I said fine and gave them my address. I get their envelope 5 weeks later. I was already in a bad mood because I'd had 2 surgeries and had just been released from the hospital. After thinking about it I stuck a note in the envelope saying that the offer was no longer open because the envelope had gotten to me at such a late date. I feel a little bad but I'm so sick and tired of people doing this or not sending their sasbe at all. If the person would have at least contacted me and said that it would be late I probably wouldn't have had a problem. Does anyone else feel this way?


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shimla(5 Upstate, NY)

I got an envelope inside an envelope (not even a bubbler) from someone out of the blue one day. I hadn't advertised seeds for months. There wasn't a note or anything with it. People are bold. I stuck it in with my gardening stuff in case they ever tried to contact me. I finally threw it out after a couple of years. Now that I read your post, I wish I'd just sent the envelope back empty with no note, they way it came to me.

Many people re-offer the seeds if they don't receive a SASE within a certain amount of time. I don't think people should be expected to hold on to their seeds indefinitely. I think one week is more than sufficient for someone to mail an envelope out.

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I think two weeks is reasonable. If you can't get an envelope out in two weeks, how are you ever going to find the time to plant the seeds?! As a seed moocher, I feel an obligation to follow the seed givers directions and get the SASBE out in a timely fashion with proper postage, etc. I don't think you should feel bad.

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i know you karyn, and i don't think you should feel bad at all!! i did offer seeds at one time, and i hated it when i got back from oregon, like 3 weeks later. and some still didn't come in, AND they didn't let me know they wer'ent gonna send me anything. that's JUST RUDE!!! especially when you take the time to pack it all up and everything. so i think IF i ever do that again, i will do that 2 week thing. don't feel bad!!! your one of the sweetest persons i know!! :')) i'm glad your back from surgery! and all better??!!

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I don't think you should feel bad at all!! As far as I 'm concerned your postage should be in the mail in a few days of the offer, why would you wait? I can't figure that one out!!

I am about ready to give up on seeds for postage. Between the people that wait weeks to send and the ones that never let you know they arrived let alone a thank you is enough to make you want to stop....Then all of a sudden you get someone who comes along and is so grateful it makes up for all the others!!!

We all know we say call it quits and then we do it again!!

Hope you are feeling better!!!

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

You haven't done anything wrong and you have no reason to feel guilty about what you did.

I've been trading seeds since 2003 and know exactly where you are coming from.
My first year trading, I was so afraid of getting a bad reputation, that when I offered the SASBE seeds, I kept very careful records, kept after those that didn't send me the mailers, continued to e-mail them and got responses like I thought I sent it, Oop I forgot, it's on the way today. and yes 99% of those I never got. I spent more time tracking down the mailers then arranging the trades and SASBEs to start with.

After that year I said never again.

From that point on I do the following.
I post the offer for trade and SASBE seeds. I make it clear that only seeds listed followed with SASBE will be sent for postage.

When I arrange the SASBE the following is included in the e-mail. 'Please have the mailer to me within 2 weeks. After that time the seeds go back to my trade list and I can not promise to have the seeds for you. I will mail the seeds to you as soon as I receive the mailer and will let you know that the seeds are in the mail."

I now add this. "I do not have the time to contact you if I have not received your mailer and will assume that if I don't receive it, you are no longer interested in receiving the seeds for SASBE. You can contact me, if you have any concerns about your mailer being received."

It may sound mean to some members, but on the other hand, if you want the seeds, then it isn't difficult to get the mailer sent out in enough time to be received within 2 weeks.

During the holiday season though, between thanksgiving and the first of the year, I usually say 3 weeks because of the amount of mail that is sent then.

Even with the information spelled out in the e-mail, I still get mailers that come well after the 2-3 weeks. some have come 8-12 weeks beyond the time and if I have any of the seeds, I send them, but I have sent the mailer back empty with the same note as you did, Karen, and I didn't feel bad about it at all.

All it takes is an e-mail letting me know there is a delay and I will hold the seeds, common manners is all it is.

And even with over 70 SASBEs sent out, I still didn't get at least 50 of the mailers. That is even more rude to me, then getting them weeks after they are supposed to be here.

I have to admit though, most people have let me know that they received the seeds, but then again, when I let them know that the seeds are in the mail, I always ask for them to let me know that they got the seeds. Shouldn't have to, it should be automatic, but we all know it isn't.

Oh, one other thing, I'm not afraid to say no to anyone requesting SASBE seeds that are not available for postage. Some people where upset about it, but that is just too bad for them. I have no worries about it.


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at first i used to think, man i hate to ask if i can sasbe it, then i think the worst they can do is say no. some people though, are absolutely rude about it. like you are asking for their property. but now, i don't have to ask to sasbe, i rarely do them, well, now that talla is doing a fairy garden i have noticed things and i have done them more. errrr!! otherwise i "think" imo its a waste of money. "for me" but like i've said befor, those stamps are my money, LOL
but this season when i get all those "extra" seeds (hopefully) i think i'll do like i've seen some of my friends do, and that is adopt newbies, but i'll check on them carefully to make sure they are not like "some" as we've been finding out, reinventing, like that cali person and such. its more fulfilling to me. LOL then i don't have to wait on envi's and the rudenss and such. and all the wondering. "did they make it"

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Hi Karyn. I am a newbie and haven't had a chance to be able to do offers for a sasbe yet. But I am with you. "Newbies" -- If you reply you want it, SEND it to them. If you don't want it DON'T REPLY and waste their time. Get em Karyn!!!!

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I just posted the first SASBE that I have offered in a couple of years and I only gave them a week and they are to LMK when they mail it out. I have had horrible experiences with these offers and thought that I would never do it again but I can't bare (no spell check should that be bear?) to just throw the seeds away. I am 15 minutes from a PO and thats more than a gallon of gas round trip so I am asking that they send $1.13 for postage (that covers an extra ounce in weight) so that I can simply send the seeds when postage arrives.
I also ask for the baggies to be included. I have done that before and have had people argue with me 'that I am supposed to do this for free' well it is for free, I get nothing out of it. I buy the plants, I grow the plants, I harvest the seeds, I sort out the chaff, I make the post, I respond to the emails, and I wait for BE's to arrive without what I asked for. I figure the least that someone else can do is send the postage that I ask for, the baggies for their new seeds and to LMK when they mail it. I know that a high percent of the receivers will not bother to even email me when they receive, let alone say Thanks. Do I sound bitter, I am not but disallusioned for sure. Thanks for the rant, Les

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i like your idea!! pretty cool!! LOL not bitter, realistic. i think its spelled right. bear, an animal. i think that's how it goes. now i'll have to look it up!! LOL :'))

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I'm new to gw and have sent out a bunch of envies for seeds. I think your right! If someone wants the seeds from you and your being kind enough to give them to them they should send the envie WITH seed envelopes and mail it out immediately. I mailed my envies out the day I got an addy. The first one I didnt put seed envies because I didnt know any better but I have sent envies since with replacement baggies for my seed donor. I have even sent wants to a few of my donors as a thank you. Some people are just plain rude!! I wouldn't think twice about it if I were you.

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I don't even want seed envelopes. I buy them by the thousands. I just want the damn sasbe with a return address label and the proper amount of postage within a reasonable amount of time. I don't think that's too much to ask. lol

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

I'm behind you too Karyn. I know when I've responded to a SASBE offer, I try to put it in the mail the same day or the next at the latest. The longest it's taken me is when I've arranged a trade on Saturday it goes out on Monday. I think that two weeks is more than realistic. When I'm doing a trade or SASBE, I separate the seeds from my trade box, package them into an envelope with the person's name and what's in it and set it aside, then adjust my trade list both on here and my spreadsheet, then add the trade details to another spreadsheet that I have (there's two, one for trades and another for SASBE). Once we finalize the trade, I package them up and get it ready for the mail and out to the mailbox. If it's an SASBE, as soon as I get their BE or postage, I package it right up so it goes right out.

Given all the work that's involved, I completely agree that it's rude for those saying they're interested not to be prompt! I'd probably do the same as far as the note too!


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