3/2/09 Question of the Week

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)March 2, 2009

What seeds do you have collections of, ie multiple varieties of the seed?

I have numerous ones that I collect, the main 4 being tomatoes, sweet peas, and poppies and morning glories.

I also have collections of gourds, hardy grasses, daturas, hardy hibiscus, nasturtiums (aka nasties) and cosmos.

I'm hoping to grow a great number of them all this year with enough segregation between that they won't cross.

So, what all does everyone else collect?


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My first being tomatoes!!! I am a tomato junkie :-)
Then I would have to say nasturtiums, poppies, morning glories, peppers, eggplant, sweet peas, gourds. Boy, I could go on and on I think. LoL

Great question Sue!!!! Thank you :-)


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Now eggplant, that is a new one. I've never heard of an eggplant junkie before. I've never grown it, or even eaten it and don't know anyone in real life who has.

It is to be included in my veggie garden this year though as someone 'shared' some seeds with me, so I will try it.

In doing a search I see there are several varieties besides the traditional big purple one most often seen.
Scroll down here to see eggplant o'lanterns. Cute!

So what do you use your eggplant for? Stirfrying? Other things?

Sue...who is in the middle of unloading the deep freeze for cleaning and defrosting for the very first time ever.

Here is a link that might be useful: Great eggplant varieties.

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

hmmm, I don't know about "collection" but I do have several different types of Amaranthus, Marigolds, Morning Glories, Nasturtiums, Rudbeckias, and Sweet Peas. These were the ones that I had enough to separate into their own baggie in my seed stash:)
Looking forward to hearing everyone from others. Nikki

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Tropical fruits/unusual fruits.It doesn't matter to me if I have to grow it in a pot or that it may never have fruit,just having it germinate thrills me..Debbie

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I guess it would be Arums and Arisaemas. The rest of my flowers I just have 1 variety of each.

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Foxgloves, columbines, snapdragons, salvias and species impatiens.

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rbrady(5/Eastern Ia)

I have "collectections" of Asters, Penstemons, Aquilegias, and Echinaceas. I have a feeling that Clematis and California poppies will soon join the group.


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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

I am collecting tomatoes, sunflowers, basils, and hardy and scented geraniums. I am sure there will be more, as I tend to collect things, these are just the ones I have many of so far. I also have a few different eggplant varieties and have caught myself looking for more, so I am sure that will be one of the next to collect, as well as coleus. I am growing sweet peas, poppies and hollyhocks for the first time this year, so we wil see if I add these.


Great thread Sue!

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heirloomer08(4 IA)

I have to agree with barefoot_contessa. Mine would have to be TOMATOES!!!!! I just can't get enough of them. Including the ones I have on my trade list I will be planting 50 varieties of heirloom tomatoes this year. I also like eggplant. I have 5 varieties to plant this year. I also like heirloom pole beans. Although, my "collection" would have to be decribed as any heirloom veggie. The only things that go in my garden are heirlooms. Anyway I just have fun gardening! Happy gardening everybody!

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Japanese morning glory and cosmos. Mostly japanese morning glory.


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Oh lody...we don't have enough space for my list....but I'll list a few: digitalis,penstemons,hostas,ferns,columbines,aristolochia,daylilis but not like I use too....african violets,episcias. Anything w/ variegated,gold or black/purple foliage.This year I have about 5 var. of genetiana seeds.
Oh yeah...I forgot about my obsession with weird veggies. Last year it was black tomatoes,mouse melons,burgundy okra and lemon cukes. This years weird veggies are : Lady Slippers,red winged peas,Blondie english peas ,white cukes,red stem choy sum,purple pok choy and some others I don't remember off hand

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

hmmm...3 other confirmed tomatoholics...very interesting.

Peggy, I recently (FL vacation in Jan) acquired 4 named African violets, 3 of which have variegated foliage. Possibly I can get some leaves rooting (after I get some things off of my to-do list) and we can trade some later in the year. It was crazy nonsense buying them on vacation, especially with the long drive home and well below freezing temps along the way. It was 15 degrees when we arrived back in IN. I packed the violets in an empty cooler for the trip home and drove straight through as opposed to stopping for overnight.

Wow, those are some weird veggies. This year I hope/plan to grow some Bright Lights swiss chard and may grow it in a flower bed, just for fun.


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Well,that's me all over again...WEIRD*G My customers like my weird veggies.
I've done Bright Lights but this year I'm trying Rainbow Swiss Chard. Suppose to be better tha BL. We'll see.

I don't have any rooted leaves at the moment.I won't strike any more leaves until weather is stable. My garden club snagged all those last moth but I do have some pretty good sized babies in dixie cups. I do mostly minianture and mini trailers and probably will ahve a few too many Foxwood Trail(mini trailer). I need to pop some sucker off Allegra Appaliachian Trials.It's not looking to happy after having been out in Feb. going to the club meeting to do a program on raising and caring for AV and there relatives.


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my first year for growing diffrent tomatoes. thats to wintersown.org. think ill grow more every year.
cosmos. columbines, merigolds, daisys,
some new collections this year from trades.
i gotta collection of poppys wintersowing for this year.

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reeselayne(8 North Texas)

I used to have a weakness for brugs but I lost them all. I think I would have to say jasmines. I could have multiples of every type of jasmine there is and I would still buy more. I even bought a meyer lemon because it smelled like jasmine to me!

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