Tall bush/tree for narrow foundation bed

bynnaJuly 31, 2014


I'm looking for plant ideas to fill in a narrow space on the side of my front porch foundation. Ideally, I need 2 plants, each of which will be 10 feet tall, 3-4 feet wide as mature size. I'll post 2 design photos here.

Photo #1 shows the bed which is on the left side of the front porch.

Photo #2 demonstrates the idea by putting two 10-feet Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' there.

But I'm hesitate to use Smaragd due to:

1) My research draws a conclusion that they won't stop at 10 feet, instead they will gorw up to 15-18 feet high which is obvious too high for me

2) I'm a bit concerned of putting such a large tree right beside the foundation.

Since I live in southern Ontario Canada (Zone 4), my selection is limited. I'm having a hard time to find anything that fits my need. Anybody here has idea/thought?

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Design photo #1: bed location

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Design photo #2: with Smaragd

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If the purpose of the plants are screening and privacy, you'd be much better off with a custom trellis structure on which vines would grow. There is not room for Thuja in this space, except as "infants."

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I was thinking about trellis as well. But the motivation to put something tall here is more for the look instead of function. Maybe not as tall as 10 feet, but something at about 6-8 feet over there, will make this front yard landscaping look much more balanced.

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Why is it that you think a trellis won't do exactly everything a shrub of whatever height will do?. It becomes covered with foliage just like a shrub.

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I like the trellis idea. Especially if you get a good one. Perhaps make one.

I can only think of rhododendrons or a tall skinny juniper bush for that area. Either one will be encroaching on your neighbors air space.

You should see what the local nurseries have in stock. They might be doing clearance now.

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