odd zucchini plant?

mandimarie88May 19, 2012

I have 2 yellow zucchini plants growing in a raised garden bed. I noticed about a week or so ago that it started developing what looked like zucchini, but no flowers had started to develop yet. I had little yellow grows (about 5 on each plant) growing. Within the last week flowers have developed and within the last 3 days the males have started to bloom. I'm a little confused as to why the yellow growth would grow before the flowers...are these indeed zucchinis that i see? I know it is a zucchini plant. I am very confused as to whether or not this is normal. I have never seen this before.

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What you saw were the female flower buds. They have a swollen base and those look like little miniature zucchini. It's how you tell the male from the female flowers. I've posted a link below. You'll have to scroll down to about mid-page but I think you'll see something like you have seen in your garden.

Here is a link that might be useful: zucchini flowers and buds

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I forgot to mention, this is my first time growing zucchini on my own. I live on my own now and I always use to help my mom in her garden. I'm not sure if I show snip off these little ones, or let them grow. There are a lot of them so maybe just cut a few?

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Thank you for the link, that is exactly what I have on my plants. I guess my mom was right haha. Thank you for your help

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You're more than welcome. So, don't cut any of them off, OK? Remember to pick them young and tender and don't go for big is better. My MIL used to grow her's to the size of ball bats and it was like trying to eat a ball bat too.

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