What to do in place of mulch?

xxnonamexxJuly 15, 2014

I put mulch down but hate how weeds are staring to penetrate and when I blow the grass clippings, leaves the mulch gets all over. I was thinking I should replace it all with pond type rocks. What do you guys think? I would rather plant flowers in the containers then the ground I get deer, chipmunks that mess with the flowers but in teh container they have faired better.

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Some mulches keep weeds out better than others. They need to be a certain thickness in order to do this. In spite of that, they don't keep doing it forever.

Is there a plan for a permanent groundcover?

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I would put ground cover, ferns, native whatevers there.

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We fought chipmunks with keeping the mulch in the flowerbeds verses the yard. And yes...blowing leaves with a leaf blower was a task. We switched to hardscape a few years back and it is so easy to care for. We put a plastic down first. Then the rocks...then made places for the plants and cut holes in the plastic. Dug holes and planted. What weeds to pop up have no soil to dig in and hold onto. So...weeding what little that happens to show up. (Practically none) comes out with ease.

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Just need to not have the rocks come up completely to the plant is all. No biggie...wish we had done this years ago! Everything stays put and we have tons of critters living in a rural area with a ravine beside our home.

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I was thinking using rock. Are those called pond rocks? I like the way it looks in your yard.

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I did rocks on plastic for paths, did not work after a while. Leaves or grass clippings will get onto rocks, decompose, and offer a foothold for weeds. in addition, movement of the rocks will cut through the plastic.
Just my experience.

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Lucille...we use a leaf blower...so no leaves decompose. Mower has a bag...though if one mowed so the grass blew in the other direction...we absolutely love ours...and pulling what little weeds do come up...easy since no soil for it to grasp hold of.

They weren't called pond rocks but a certain number given to the size. It was the largest our supplier carried. Sorry...maybe show them. And they can help you out.

The best decision we ever chose.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

River rocks come in all sizes. As long as you aren't walking on them, they should work pretty good, but like Lucille said, eventually weeds will grow.

We used round-up on ours when we had the rocks, but I twisted my ankle once when walking on them, so be aware they can be dangerous. Plus any little boys around tend to want to throw them.......

At this house we use mulch. It's a happier thing. But you do need about 4" of the stuff.

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