walmart rant

dorisl(5)March 17, 2008

Has anybody seen the newest ripoff at wallmart? They have a "Petunia Border Kit" with 20,000 Petunia Seeds in a box that could fit 3 pounds of cookies. this link says Petunia seeds average 9,000 seeds per gram. So they used this giant box to pack not even 3 grams of seeds.


Its so attractively packaged, its a real fooler. There are other varieties of "kits" also. Be on the lookout!

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shimla(5 Upstate, NY)

It's not just walmart! I saw the same type of thing in Walgreens. It was a smaller box of begonia but when I read the contents, the amount of begonia seed was equivalent to a little 10 cent flower packet.

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Yes they will say 2% seeds 98 % inert ingredients...they package them this way so you get even distrubution of the seeds....

I dont agree with it...just the way they get away with it..they have them at ALL stores...

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see that's why i love trading!! then i don't get all the "inert ingredients" LOL although when i got my seeds from this one place it didn't have inert ingredients, LOL of course it was a catalogue!! LOL i swear the way she packaged it i swear she was a trader!! LOL and i thought at first, i don't remember trading with her again, although i wanted something off of her list!! LOL
dang inert ingredients!! LOL

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