Ticked off with these leonotis leonurus seeds

perennialfan273(zone 5)March 9, 2010


This year I traded someone some seeds in exchange for leonotis leonurus, but after seeing the seedling for a few weeks, I realize now that they didn't send me leonotis leonurus, but actually leonotis nepetifolia instead. Now, I'm not too upset about this, because the seeds that I gave away weren't incredibly rare or hard to find, but it's just so irritating when you don't receive what someone tells you you're going to get.

But, I digress. I'd still like to try leonotis leonurus sometime and in the meantime I have a TON of leonotis nepetifolia seedlings that I have no idea what to do with.

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I know what you mean,I've been trying to replace leonotis leonurus for two years and I always get leonotis nepetifolia from trades.I guess I will have to buy it.Debbie

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jaybirdy(5north/central Illinois)

What is the difference between the leonurus and the nepetafolia? I looked them both up and saw they both had orange flowers.I grew one of them and it got extremely tall.Richter's Herbs sells seeds.

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jaybirdy(5north/central Illinois)

The only difference i see is in the leaf shape.I think that the leaves of the nepetafolia are more attractive than those of the leonurus.I also suspect that the person who sent you the seeds didn't know there was more than one kind of Leonotis and thought they were sending you what you wanted.I didn't realize there was more than one kind until I read your post.If I were you I would be happy that you have some leonotis plants and use them the same way you were going to use the leonurus.The flowers will look the same and atract the same pollinators as the other one.It's still not too late to get leonurus seeds started.Happy gardenning!

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If you ever grow both types you will notice the difference.The leonurus makes a shrub type bush and the foliage smells so good.It has a citrus scent.Nepetafolia reseeds everywhere and the foliage stinks to me.For me leonurus is perennial and nepetafolia is not but then you have all the seedlings.

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jaybirdy(5north/central Illinois)

Debbie,thanks for the info.I would have never known any of this if you hadn't posted the ad.You learn something new all the time on here.I guess I'd be dissapointed too that I didn't get leonurus.....John

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i'd definately want the one with the citrus smell.i can't remember what someone sent me. i;ll have to look!! i love citrus smell. and well just fragrance!! and bushyness!! **grin** ~medo

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I could never find a replacement in a trade so I ordered it this week.Its perennial here and I had it about twelve years but I guess I moved it around to much.I can't wait to have it in my garden again..Debbie

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I'm curious as to where you ordered seeds from.

I found the link below to be interesting and the seller has several things that look rather 'special' to me, but I will not, I repeat, will not be ordering any seeds until I have planted or shared all the excess that I have.


Here is a link that might be useful: White Lionstail or Leonotis leonurus Alba RARE12 seeds

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I'm not sure which variety I had a couple years ago but I hated it. They were bushy on the bottom but sent up a 9'+ flower stalk. I was expecting something half that size or smaller and the spent seed heads were sharp!

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I've had trouble getting L. leonurus correctly labeled in trade also but this year I bought Leonotis leonurus alba seeds from a commercial seed company. If they truly bloom white, I am going to be delighted.
I was getting a little concerned because it took them a while to germinate, but they are finally up and growing. I can't wait!!

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Chemocurl I ordered the plant from ebay from a seller that I use.It came Monday and its the right one.
Alana,I ordered the white leonotis seeds from a commercial source to last year,it was not white when it bloomed.More of a deep orange/red.Also it was not the leonurus variety either but the nepetifoli but it could have been labeled nepetifoli on the website..Debbie

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Oh no. I will keep my fingers crossed!
The source is one I have used for years in Great Britain and I have never had a problem before but it won't be my first disappointing purchase and won't be the last if it does not work out. I will try to remember to post when I am certain.

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