Our first planets

plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)March 21, 2008

Jordan and I just planted our first "planets" (plants) today. We made paper planting pots, filled with soil and planted Jack Be Little pumpkins. It took us about an hour...with a 3 year old you have to have patience :) We also looked at lots of pretty pictures of gardens found here on this website. She cannot wait to take her "planets" outside to grow in the dirt, although we are getting 4" of snow tonight. We are also soakiing a couple bean seeds for her to take home and watch grow. I think we are going to have lots of fun this summer. Kim

Ok, she needs to spell her name on the computer now...


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Congrats to you and Jordan on what I am sure was a FUN day. If you want to send postage, I have a few Tigger melon seeds that I can share, they are wonderful for the little ones. Email me directly if interested, Les

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

How adorable! My two youngest, Vincent (10)and Devin (8) helped me today like they do every year in our gardens. We planted Lavender, Stocks, Morning Glories, Sweet Peas and Four O'Clocks. We're doing veggies next week. Then they each get to decide what they'd like to plant in their own pot that they will be responsible for taking care of completely. Devin's wanting to look up different plants and flowers to decide. Isn't gardening with children the best thing in the world?!


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ohhh its something you totally cannot beat!! i love gardening with mine!! they are so good about taking care of them!! and talla sings to them and talks to them. which of course gives them the co2 they need. and they look great!! :')) she is one awesome child!! and of course tabor does all the labor work for me since i hurt my arm last fall. (muscles in my arm)

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

That is so sweet! :) I love how she calls them planets...lol...that is so cute! :) Kids are the best when it comes to gardening,they remind us of how wondorous the whole process really is! Have fun and tell Jordan her name looks fabulous online! ;)

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