Something light ;-)

tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)September 2, 2011

This is from a cutting I asked for that had been knocked off a larger variegated Pilea at the greenhouse where I spring shop for plants to fill the mixed containers. The little container is one of 10 or 12 sugar holders I bought at a Big Lots store for .99 several years ago. I gave all the others away as gifts; and some of you might even recognize it as being a twin to one you received with a plant or two in it, but I've always liked the containers, so held on to this last one. I plant something different in it each year, but this year, I'm particularly pleased with the little Pilea and the number of "cute" comments it's received over the course of the summer.


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I am glad your thumb was included or I would never have believed how small the bowl or plant. Very well done. Al

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That is so cute.

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From my Mother! "Al, that is just the plant I would fall in love with if it were sitting in my kitchen. I am praying that your pain free as fast as yesterday and much love your way. You are a special gift to this family and deserve only good your way. Your beautiful plants reflect your love for them and for others. Good night dear Al and find comfort in the fact many care for you."

From Me:

Al, is that from the family of Begonias? It's beautiful. Our Big Lots has nothing like that! If I ever see one, I want one. I will have to keep a watch now. I just love it and especially with what you have been able to achieve with it. Great look and such a nice container. Bravo good friend!

Hey Josh:-))))

Mike and Sissy

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