something is eating my plant; what could it be?

CelbriseSeptember 18, 2012

just yesterday i checked on my eggplant seedling which seems to be doing alright besides the fact it has leaf miners as i can see their tunnels on both of the leaves. but then their is this 3rd one i would guess it's true leaves from when it sprouted and it looks like something took a big bite out of it i can see marks like a shark bite. i see nothing around the plant or on it.

any ideas wth is eating it? this is all within just a single day.

i have a tomato and bell pepper plant right by it and the bell pepper is doing great the tomato same besides for some early blight problems and blossom drop but nothing is attacking those plants besides aphids but i got rid of them.

i doubt it's a horn worm as we RARELY see horn worms here

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Grasshopper, caterpillar, bee/wasps ....... others, - a lot of possibilities depend on where you live. You might consider adding that info to you're visible user info - like my z5b-6a mid-MI. It will help others to offer more specific advice and get a better feel for your situation/conditions.


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I'm with Al!

You should of seen what the grasshoppers did to my citrus. They are sneaky and can eat an entire leaf like a shark within minutes. Many have the shark bites you speak of and it was a horrible year, first time for me with grasshoppers.

They camouflage darn good.


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