My rant - not realted to GW, well not exactly...

ollieroseMarch 6, 2008

I have been trying to take pictures of my seed sprouts for over two weeks now. I've been wanting to show you all my success and I'm so proud of it!

Well, it's kind of hard to do that when my weenie of a fiance won't delete any photos from the camera! Everytime I want to take a picture I get - "memory card full!" He has his own PC he could load them to, so why not do that? "I haven't gotten around to it yet." Well freakin get to it man! Well, I'm giving him another 24 hours to correct it or I'm going to start deleting everything! The pictures must not be that important if he hasn't downloaded them yet!

There, I'm done now!

1 billion smiles,


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Good to vent!

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Why thank you! It certainly felt good! :) :) :)

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Why not go and get your own memory card? They aren't very expensive and they last forever. That way your pics will never have to be mixed in with his.

Sue,,, who has lived alone for so long she doesn't understand the concept of sharing stuff

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why not download the pictures, and then empty the card and use it..........OR take pictures without the memory card in the camera, then you can transfer them to the card when he is done....

I am glad you can rant with the best of us !!LOL

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ahhh that's so sweet!! no really!! it is!! :'))
now ida just gave him one chance and told him about it and if he didn't do it ida just deleted them. at least that's what he woulda thought. then he would think twice from now on!! LOL
i have my own anyhows!! LOL he has his phone!! LOL i'm so mean!!! LOL :')) my excuse......honey, my plants have to be shown if they look good!!! LOL and i love to take pics of the kiddo's!! HEE HEE :'))

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Sue - I did it, but even better! I told him that I needed his credit card so I could go buy my own digital camera and what was the response?!?! "Would it be okay if I bought you your very own memory card for the camera we already have?" Haha - love it!

I totally understand what you mean about the sharing thing. I still have trouble thinking of thing as "ours" instead of "mine." I even get cranky when he eats my special pickles!!

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