Yvonne - Can you ID?

SusieQsie_FlaMarch 25, 2012

Hi Everyone

Yvonne: I planted some seeds you sent me in Dec or Jan, but I must've mislabeled the pots. Can you tell by looking at these babies just what they are?

I figure someone on this forum will have grown these and will recognize them. I want to be sure and put them in the appropriate places in my yard.

They are either Cleome or Brown-Eyed Susan or Sweet Autumn Clematis

And here's another batch of different seedlings that I think are not rudbeckia

Thanks for your help


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Susie, I think first one is Cleome...second one looks like hibiscus/mallow, if you don't get any help here post on Name that Plant, good you have so many plants sprouting!

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ymaddox(ky 6)

i agree with grannieb that the first is cleome and unsure of the other....i am not a name that sprout kind of girl. more of a name that flower kind of girl lol. they all are looking really good!!! glad you had success with them.

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ymaddox(ky 6)

grannieb that is pretty impressive...can you come over to my yard and differentiate what is coming up...i'll make a good supper and we can play name that seedling lol. what i suggest is to google image the name you think it is with seedling behind the name and see what you get...dont remember what all i sent you. have done a ton of trades and ton of newbie packs...sorry i was not more help :( although my guess is grannieb is probably spot on!!!

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Lol...would be good sitting in the garden shade, sipping a cold drink, you bring lap top and we'll google away, have lots to learn, easy to id these, good to grow popular plants.


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I will keep them potted up and post pics again when they get bigger.


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