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j0novisionJuly 5, 2012

I have four flower beds in my back yard. I just have a few areas where I need an idea or two. Here are the beds in order of smallest to largest:

1. Southeast corner:

Back of bed: Boxwoods (6)

Front of bed: Japanese forest grasses (6)

In the middle:

Fernlike bleeding hearts (3)

Smokebush (1)

2. Northwest corner:

Back of bed: Hostas (2)

Center of bed: Pink knockout rose (1)

Front of bed: Golden Nugget Barberry (3)

3. Southwest corner

Back of bed: Karl Forrester reed grass (3)

Front of bed: Midnight Wine Weigela (7)

Left and right side of bed: Pink Knockout Roses (1 on either side)

Center of Bed: Hinoki Falsecypress (1)

4. Northeast side of yard (biggest bed):

Front of bed: Alternating Dianthus (6) and purple bellflowers (6)

Behind that: Boxwoods

Behind those: Karl Forrester reed grass, purple asters, salvia, purple coneflowers, shasta daisies, pink balloon flowers, coreopsis carmel, purple heuchera and japanese bloodgrass

Followed by: Dark Horse Weigela in front of a Kockout rose, behind which sits 3 dwarf zebra grasses.

With all that out of the way. I have just a few spaces to fill in:

First space:

In the largest bed, on one side of the stone walkway I have reed grass, purple cone flowers and then shasta daisies. There is a space about 4 fit long and 2 ft wide between the daisies and the garden bench that the family sits on every morning. I was thinking something small here in front of the daisies, maybe like pink asters as there are some pink baloon flowers on the other side of the stone steps that it could play off of. Any ideas?

Second space:

The second space is directly to the left of the garden bench mentioned above. There are some dark horse weigela, and behind it a knockout rose, and behind it a few dwarf zebra grasses. The space I want to fill it directly to the left of the weigela and knockout roses. It is 4ft long by 2 feet wide. I was thinking something either bright green/yellow like more japanese forest grass, or something like sedum autumn joy, to give color nearer to the fall since nothing else will be in bloom. Any ideas?

Thanks! Loving my back yard thanks to ideas sourced here and other places.

Have a great day,


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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Hi Jon,
I'm way out of your zone, so I can't help with plant choices. For others to help you more effectively, I suggest you post some photos of your beds taken from enough distance to show the entire context: setting, foreground, background, contiguous areas. People will want to know your zone and if these areas are full sun, part shade, etc. You have essentially given a plant list, but that is not enough information.

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A nice companion for Japanese forest grass is ladies' mantel. The blue-green of the foliage, chartreuse flowers, and rounded velvety leaves play well with hakone grass. I have sedum 'Neon' next to this pairing where it transitions into full sun and drier soil.

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