Mystery purple plant - vegetable or weed?

Hman714May 12, 2012

This have been growing in several of my vegetable garden beds and not anywhere else. I don't recall planting any herbs like this before in these beds last year. Could also be from the homemade compost that I used as my compost probably didn't get hot enough to kill all the seeds.

So could someone please help me identify this thing? It's growing really fast. Leave it or pull?

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It's some form of amaranth. Could be a weed species, but the purple pigmentation suggests that it is possibly one of the cultivated ornamental/edible varieties. Whether weed or domestic, it is edible as raw or cooked green, may have attractive flowers, and would produce edible seeds eventually.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Agree with Deninmi, amaranth of some sort. If you don't want millions next year, either remove it before it sets seeds or collect the seedheads. Cheers!

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Thank you both for the insight! I've been weeding this for 2 weeks and they don't seem to be coming back; so they must be valuable. = )

Just potted the last of them, so I'll wait and see if they look like all the Amaranth pictures I'm seeing.

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