where is it wrong to 'take seeds or clippings'

medontdo(8)April 29, 2008

ok i'm just asking this as a curios and maybe some others don't know what is considered wrong places. like cemetaries? vacant houses, stores (if its on the floor?), the park?, hmmm.....maybe one of those garden places. or even like in topeka at the park/zoo they have the rose garden and rock garden and tons of flowers. so where is it not ok to take flowers from. your "OPINIONS" do count!!! LOL

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

Personally I have only taken things from places where I could ask someone if it was ok. I was given sweepings off store floors, I asked at the bank if I could take rose hips, I have asked people who work at parks and I have asked neighbors. I guess I would feel uncomfortable taking without asking. I have picked seeds though in places in an area where we have property that has a community area, I figured we all own it through the association. I would NEVER dig up plants that are rare from forests etc because I don't know if I have the proper growing conditions and would not want to harm them. Kim

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I wouldn't take from anywhere that sells plants as a business. I ask at other places if I may have seeds or clippings. I'm a scaredy cat about taking anything from a cemetary..."somebody" might make a late night visit,crying"Wooo...OOO..ooo!Who stole my flowers?".

I have dug up bulbs and pieces of spirea plants in the past at ole farmsteads but that was before I knew better that to take without asking.

If I see natives in danger of being destoryed,I would ask permisson to take them.

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I ask before taking unless it's already being trampled, for example in the middle of a sidewalk. I have found out that most people are willing to share what they have especially if they're fellow gardeners.

Although it is tempting sometimes to just "take a little snip"..isn't it?.."L"

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I have an easier time with seed snatching, because seeds are intended to be dispersed, using common sense and good judgement of course.

The clipping thing, well, I sort of avoid that, although some plants do "like" to be "pinched".....

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seed snathcing is cool for me. i'm like is it ok or ethically ok to at a cemetary?
i ask first, i got my clippings at taco tico, i said ummm, may i have a few clippings of your plants over there? please, i came home with more than a few, apparently when they clip them back they just trash them! **sigh** but i have heard of people taking snippets in the store, to me, i feel really uncomfortable with that, its like stealing, every bone in my body say's nope. but i find it ok to do so in the outside places. like a non business. so i wanted everyone's opinion. apparently i'm no different **WHEW** LOL Medo **said with a big smile now** LOL

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girlsingardens(zone 5 NE)

I say ask. I have two houses in towns where I knew the owners and both sets of couples have passed away. In fact I just stopped by one and asked if I could have some plants to use in our town plant exchange and also to add to the community gardens, I was given permission and their children were happy that their mom's flowers would be used to beautify the community. I also had the same reaction after calling the son of the couple who lived 2 houses away from me so will be getting some shasta daisies to share at the swap and also plant at the gardens.

As far as the plants at gardens and zoos, I don't think there is anything wrong with taking seeds or as I call it my community service work of dead heading flowers in the parks. As far as pinching off plants, many plants actually benefit from being pinched back and I have been known to get a few clippings. Also if there are plants growing out of bounds or out of the beds that will be dug up and gotten rid of I might take the plant.

Also it never hurts to ask neighbors or even strangers in the community if they would be willing to share or trade plants. I have gone up to strangers and most are more than willing to share with me. If they say no I just walk away. I have done the same with people with fruit trees that I can see the fruit just dropping and going to waste. I do lots of canning and making of baby food for my kids so I will stop and ask if they are using the fruit and if not if they would mind If I picked it. I try and drop off a pint of the finished product as a thank you.

Hope this helps you out:)


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it does!! thank you so much!! :'))

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Last time I got into a discussion about this, it got sort of heated, lol. Well, it was botanical gardens, and I think that is a big no no along with any other gardens. I would be POed if you took my seeds. I trade them as you know, lol. If asked though, I would be more than happy to supply seeds or maybe even a division.

As far as Taco Tico, Mighty Taco, or whatever chain restaurant, I don't think they really care, lol, but asking is nice.

A very old home that is now in part of a business district was purchased by a company. I saw an historic iris blooming and I went on a dig, but I know that the house was going to be razed.

I wouldn't take from a place selling plants. That just doesn't seem right to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Botanical Garden Seed Thread

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i checked them out. i do have a problem with people stealing, that is unforgivable. if someone asks me they'll more than likely leave with a armfull of clippings but if not, i'm sooooo pissed!! and they only get what they left with!! and i'll eventually find out who they were!! LOL small town and all. neighbors watch out for each other. so thats cool!! LOL

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i never realy get to go anywere to seed snatch. lol hubs works in the day n me evenings n the kids got our weekends planed out payin taxie. i either trade or buy. i wouldnt ever snatch seeds in a store, id feel like i was stealing. but i have a fam member who works in a cemetery n he's always tellig me come on up, people buy spring bloomers in a pot to put by a grave, then throw it away when they die off *crazy lol* as long as its in the trash you can take it, [ saves them on the trash piling up] as for the flowers that seed im not sure about the ones on the graves but the flowers the cemetery plants you can take seeds from, they buy tons of plants every year n just re-do everything. saves them from weeding out what might of re-seeded from the year before lol, i bet if ya ask most cemeteys will tell you yes, i keep saying im gonna go up n never get to :(

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The area I live in has quite a few vacant houses due to the recent surge of foreclosures. Many of these houses are close to 100 years old, so you can imagine how many wonderful plants there are around here.

I have dug some plants and taken some seeds and cuttings from these yards, but always ask if someone lives there. One way to break the ice is to see if I have something they don't already have that I can offer in trade! I don't take all of them and I don't use any of them for trading (I would trade divisions in the future though). I do it because I want to plant it in my yard and don't see the harm in taking 1 or 2 when there are at least 20 or more available. I don't take anything from stores unless I ask first and they are usually willing to oblige since my cart is overflowing with the items I'm purchasing!!

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