Adventures with Jordan

plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)April 29, 2008

I had my granddaughter overnight again this weekend and of course we were out doing yard work. She is such a great little helper! I was planting and trimming and she was raking and gathering up the cuttings. She usually puts them in a bucket and then dumps them in the compost bin. I told her when were were all done we would go to the nursery to look around, she LOVES to go around sniffing all the flowers.

When we got ready to leave, she grabbed her little backpack to take along which she often does. While at the nursery, she started talking to one of the workers (this child is a huge talker!). Next thing I know the girl (who I later found out was the manager) asks me if Jordan can plant up a pot of marigolds. She wanted to give them to her. I asked why and Julie (as I found out her name) said because Jordan made her laugh and made a bad day much better. You see, Jordan had collected up all the clippings and put them in her backpack and taken them to the nursery. She told the ladie that she needed new flowers "because mines is broke". She then showed her all the clippings in her backpack!

As you all can probably tell by now this is so much of the reason I love to have her around...she makes me smile. I wish she could always maintain such innocence but someday I am sure she will outgrow it. But at least for now I can enjoy. Kim

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

she sounds absolutely adorable! You're doing her the greatest favor by involving her in your gardening. My grandmother was why I garden today.

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Oh Kim that little girl is so wonderful! The idea of what was going through her mind when she collected those clippings is precious! I am betting Jordan will always be this way,not every child her age is as involved as she is,some people are just born with the knack for gardening and I bet she is one of them! :) Thanks for sharing these moments with us,I really love hearing of your adventures together! :)

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Too cute!

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awww that is too cute! i have a lil helper in the gardens too, they make gardening more fun:)

i got my love of gardening from my gram too;)

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