Sending seeds to a Peace Corp volunteer in Nicaragua

davlank(5)April 21, 2010

First off let me apologize if I'm not in the right forum or am stepping on any toes with my post, that is certainly not my intention. (Great start, I know).

I have a friend who is currently in Nicaragua working for the Peace Corps and has asked me to send him some seeds in order to start a seed bank for the community he's working with. I of course agreed to help but then immediately realized my knowledge of seeds was very limited and of course I ran to the internet, which brings me here. I tried to search the site but couldn't really find what I was looking for so I thought I'd post a message and see how it went. (Once again, sorry if I am not following rules/protocol)

My questions are these:

Is there anything I should know about what seeds to send? He said he just wants basic vegetables (onions, tomatoes etc) but I don't know if I should just buy the little packets of them or if I should be looking at different seeds due to the climate down there etc.

Second, I saw that there are regulations for sending internationally (writing the full Latin name as well as others) and assume that applies in my case but who would I talk to about making sure it's done right. I don't want to get everything sent out just to have it not arrive because I messed up the paperwork. If the people at the post office should know then I will count on that and deal with it when I head in.

Lastly, does anyone have any recommendations for what I should send other than seeds? I will be including a pair or two of work gloves but didn't know if there was anything else people thought would be good to include. Any suggestions are obviously welcome.

Once again I'm sorry if this isn't the forum/site for my question but it was the first one to come up and a quick browsing of the site made the community seem tight knit yet welcoming. Any information at all, even to say that I'm in the wrong place and never post again (if it's true) will help. Thank you for any help in advance.


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I'd stick to heat loving veggies. Why don't you call or write to your friend and ask what's needed. As for sending seed out of the country I'm not sure how it's done legally. I'm familiar with the small seed lot import permit. You might want to contact the USDA and ask about exporting seed. You should be able to get contact info off the import permit that I've linked.

Here is a link that might be useful: seed import permit

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