Plumbago plant help?

crystalmt04(z8 SA, TX)July 22, 2010

I have a few "Plumbago auriculata" plants (6 to be exact) and I'm worried about how they will grow in my raised flower beds. I do not want them taking over everything. In the front flower bed, I'm thinking of relocating the 3 planted there to big pots and put them on my deck (thinking they'll be pretty spilling over the pots to the ground), but I also have a bare spot in the very back of my backyard along a fence that I'm wondering if they would look good there, where I can just let them grow wild and free (and less maintenance).

I have two in my back flower bed and I'm not sure if I should leave them or not. I'm having trouble picturing how big they might get eventually.

So I guess I'm asking for some design help.

Here's a (big) pic of my front flower bed. The plumbago plants are on the left, the middle, and a third to the far right. I just pruned them back a little the other day, they are already getting pretty big for having just been planted in late April.

One idea I have is to dig them up and put them in pots along this side of my deck, where they could spill over and down to the ground.

My other idea (and possibly the one I'm leaning towards the most) is to plant them here, along the fence and just let them go wild and get as big as they want. This way we get some privacy from the neighbors behind us.

And here's another big pic. It's of my other flower bed, which I have two more plumbago plants. You can see the closest one is spreading/growing pretty well.

Here's a pic from the other side showing the other plumbago.

I'm wondering if I should relocate these too, I don't want them being huge and unruly in my flowerbed. What do you think?

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maybe only need to sprune,give other plants enough space.

Here is a link that might be useful: if need pics design

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I suppose where you are plumbago auriculata is an evergreen that could reach two to three feet high and wide - maybe more although I doubt they would ever overtop the fence location. Plumbago would definitely be a greenhouse exotic in my climate.

Per the literature, " should be cut to the ground every fall or winter. Plumbago will flower profusely after being cut back or after a growth flush, as it bears flowers on new wood. Plumbago should be pruned heavily to keep it neat and within bounds and to make it bushy to maximize the number of flowers. It is fast growing, drought resistant and will grow in any soil but will perform best if planted and mulched heavily."

Seems it's best use is as a background plant or as a filler in front of other shrubs. Since your question is really a placement of a single type of plant as opposed to designing a landscape around it - my thought would be either planting against the fence or following a continuous pruning program if left in place as opposed to use as potted deck plants.

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crystalmt04(z8 SA, TX)

I was also thinking of planting crepe myrtle trees along the fence. Do you think it would work/look good having the plumbago planted in front of them? I've read that plumbago is sun loving so I worry about there being too much shade from the trees.

Also, see the tree that's in the fence pic? It's a hackberry, and I've been told those things suck all the water/nutrients from everything around them. I'm wondering if I should wait and cut that down first if it's going to kill or stunt anything planted near it?

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