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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)April 28, 2008

Sue and Angie are really rubbing off on me. A new member... like joined yesterday.. posted a Round Robin in which the participants would send out 100 seeds to him, and supposedly receive 100 in return. So... like I said, they rubbed off on me and I posted warning new members that this might not be as good a thing as it seemed. I know personally that I would not tackle that big of a full Round Robin and I've been here for several months. Yes, I'm hosting a Round Robin partnered swap right now, but nothing on the scale this person is proposing.

I'd really appreciate some feedback on how I handled this, though. I was really worried about new traders getting scammed.


Here is a link that might be useful: Growing 100 New Friends

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

got...just speechless...just don't know what to say...but will add that I think as a deputy busy body, you addressed things pretty well there.

One could go on to add
100 packs of seeds from 100 members=10,000 (!!!) packs of seeds...and the organizer plans to pull one pack at a time out of each box and put one pack in each of the 100 boxes...just way too big of a massive undertaking for any one or not to handle very well. I can just see 100 piles of 100 packs of seeds placed on tarps or something in the yard, as that would be the only area big enough to handle such a massive distribution of seed packs.

hmmm...well I guess I wasn't speechless after all. Maybe some of the other 'regulars' at that forum will express their concerns about such a massive undertaking by a new and unknown member. Since I don't frequent that forum and don't want to be known as a butt-in-skee (sp), I won't post anything there.

2 of the requirements are:
small introductions of themselves and how they got
involved with gardening as a hobby
* 2 SASBE member doesn't even have a blurb on his member page, no email link (handy there),and NO trade list

and just what is meant by * 2 SASBE, anyway?

Sue...just shaking head in amazement

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

I know! I was stunned! I can't imagine taking on something that huge! I've already had one newbie thank me for posting because she probably would have joined without checking into it more.

I'm assuming that the 2 SASBEs are one for the seeds and one for the intros, but I'm just guessing, though that threw me as well..

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sue, coming from you, that means a lot! I just felt it needed to be addressed and folks warned that they might want to think twice! I'm just glad no one had signed up yet, because it was posted last night. I've been a little concerned since I posted it and a little worried about the moderators.

Then there was a free seed offer posted this morning that concerned me, especially after the member emailed me in response to my first post there. I checked and it's only a three quarter moon, so I'm not sure what's going on around here lately. But it's upsetting. I put time and energy into both my gardens and this community. I hate seeing people taking over advantage of it.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

LMAO...Isn't that like going to a Weight Watchers Forum and inviting everyone to go over to the Jenny Craig Forum for a free offer or something? I know folks get upset about links to other gardening sites often not being allowed or being deleted, but isn't that about the same thing as I just mentioned here? Granted, this is a free site for us members, but it is supported by the advertisers who pay to advertise here. They sure don't want everyone to be enticed to go elsewhere I'm sure. Just my 4 cents as usual....

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Did it go poof or are my eyes crossed? I've lost the thread, but seem to be having one of those confused what one has when they stay up too late, and then get up too early....Is it really gone, or am I just missing it?

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Nope, it's still there :)


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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Oh, wait! You mean the Free Seeds offer... heh, just checked and our Moderators seem to be on top of things. It appears to be gone when I checked for it. Unfortunately, several of our newer members had posted they were interested and emailing. Now, let's just keep our fingers crossed that I don't get a Warning from the Mods. But if I do, it's worth it. I felt like I was being lured after my emails with that person.


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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Good going Kathy! :) We do need to watch out for each other,this is the best site on the web and we have to try to keep it that way!

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the 100 seeds person is pulling out, to establish their positive stuff. :')) so i'm sure you did a great job!! :')) yes alot of people need to be watching out for stuff. some people make gw'rs sound like plant thugs, loosers and such. LOL i just stick to the main friends that i have.i have one person i'm pretty sure i wont' see my seeds out of, but i'm "patiently" waiting, trying hard not to post his bad review. because ya know, i don't like to post bad reviews, LOL but i don't want someone else getting taken either. i learnde one thing. (from sue) don't answer cold email. which i've been getting alot of here lately. some will even say "you said you had such and such to trade, do you still have that to trade?" which is on my list. so be careful!!

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

I have been so very pleased with GWs overall. But I did mail a SASBE about 5 weeks ago. I emailed him a week ago, he said they were in the mail....not a huge monetary loss, but it is disapointing when ya are looking forward to the seeds.

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i know that one!! to me its a big loss though!! time, at the very least 7-8 stamps now, plus the envi, not to mention if you kinda liked the person and sent them some seeds. your out them too. some people can put on a good nice talking thing, then BOOM!!!! so sad, ***boo hoo*** no seeds!! if your lucky like me, you forget if ya don't keep iy in your email ;')) LOL

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