Seedling questions?

Cecek1016May 11, 2012

I started some cucumber and zucchini seeds last wed and they sprouted up quickly and were doing good. I have been leaving them outside for two days because Im dumb and now they look like they are getting really wilted and dry. I was just wondering if it is not enough water or the colder temps at night or what? Its been it the 40s-50s at night here. Thanks

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I would start them again, since they do come up so fast. These are hot weather plants and do not like cold night temps. Unless you seed them directly in the garden, I would let them grow under lights or outside on warm days and bring them in at night until it is at least 55 - 60 degrees at night.
Anyway, you can be a most experienced gardener and still make mistakes. It is a learning journey. Some things do well one year and the next they poop out.

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I would say that the concensus here on another recent thread is that you may as well wait and start them in the ground when it is nice and warm. I do both but others who claimed to be paying attention say that the ground seeded plants just overtake the transplanted ones.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Agree with Chas - just direct seed both of them when the soil temps are right. They will do much better in the long run than transplants and without all the hassles.


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