whatcha been doing this year 2010

mikey-gardener(6a,6b, kcmo)April 24, 2010

I was just wondering what everybody is doing since it is spring time and tax time is over, birds singing, rain falling, grass growing and flowers blooming.

Looking or needing input from others on " WHATS HAPPENING" with ya this year???

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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

I finished removing the last of our front lawn. :)

Who needs grass when you can have flowers and veggies instead!

The link below goes to a few short videos of the area taken about 3 weeks ago. All of the perennial flowers are lot taller now - guess I need to add "update videos" to my to do list.

Other garden work lately has been lots of weeding, watering and planting out this year's winter sown seedlings.


Here is a link that might be useful: Videos of my cool grass-free lawn

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Im still cleanin up n starting seeds. Im so behind but ill get there, :) work kids n rain has slowed me down lol
My day off work n it stoped raining! kids are in school whoohoo! ill be gardening!

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I'm growing some Mimosa pudica from seed. I was surprised to find them still viable after being lost in some boxes for a couple years. Soaked them in peroxide, and got about 80% germination rate.

And now I'm stressing out about buying wisteria sinensis seeds *sigh*

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

cleaning and replanting 3 garden rooms that have been neglected for 3-4 yrs. What a mess!....but I'm on the down-hill side now and can finally see some results other than itching from poison ivy.


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Poision ivy's no fun! WOW i dont even have one garden room! lol lucky bigred! :)

Good luck with the Mimosa pudica seed's penguu!

I almost got the veg garden in. Im planting lots of flowers in with the veg this year. If only the weather would warm up and stop raining!
Im gonna kick butt on the starter/trading beds this year.
right now with all the rain im just making maps were to plant what, and all the fun stuff. :)

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maps31(5 salt lake city, UT)

we, I started with all good intentions, winter-sowing some, had all the beds ready, seeds in the ground. Family emergency and I was away for 6 weeks. When I cam home there were weeds almost as tall as me. I have sooooo many red romaine that came up from last years plant (the one I let go to seed) and a few areas of mystery. My b-friend finished what he thought..... watered... and then started eating greens.
I hate to weed, my allergies hate it when I weed.
I am busy playing with the new kitty,
teaching it to stay out of the raised beds and I wish I could go back in time, have a fairy put a green house in the back... a lot of summer left!

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Well I'm late posting here but does gardening ever stop? This year I worked on getting the veggie garden up and running. I needed to get enough logs chopped down to create step garden beds. Then there was turning the rocky clay into wonderful garden soil but a judicious use of compost that I'm making. So far I have one tier done enough that I was able to plant lettuce. The rest is weeding, cutting the grass, select cutting trees, and moving everything from where it is to where I want it. But then that's always right?

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