jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)April 3, 2008

I've been thinking a lot about various companion plantings. I have been considering just sprinkling my yards with a couple of different things to repel various insects that I don't care to have around and getting into the house. I'm thinking about scattering Anise, Penny royal, sage,marigold and tansy in my yards. I'm wondering what others think of this and if anyone's tried it. I try to garden organically and to stay away from insecticides in the house as well, but I have an adorable Boston Terrier that I'd prefer not carry fleas and ticks into the house (not to mention Bostons have very sensitive skin and having to bathe him a lot makes it worse, as do the pests in the first place) and flies are disgusting and bother me. I've got several things planted that attract beneficial insects, now I'm thinking on keeping out the ones that "bug" me.

So, has anyone done this, does it help? Does it keep out beneficial insects? Does it still work even with mowing over the various herbs?

Oh, and if anyone knows of something that helps with German cockroaches, I'd appreciate it. One of my friends took something out of her public storage building only to find that apparently someone in one of the boxes near her has these pests, so she's looking for organic ways to deal with it both to make sure her house is clear and to put in her storage. She's reported it to the managers, but wants to take her own evasive steps too. I didn't know of anything and haven't had experience with these buggers, and told her I'd ask for advice here. I know Misha would very much appreciate anything that would be helpful as one of her children seems to be very allergic to the spoor.



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Here is a bit of info on German cockroaches. I have also heard that borax can be used to kill them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Catnip and Osage Orange

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Lasagna gardening was a brain fart at first, but that works. Wintersowing was a bigger brain fart, I thought no way thats going to work, but its working. I say go for it!

I agree about the borax, I saw carpenter ants LEAP over a trail of it to get away from my house.

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