Help with How To Deal with Slope in Yard

kmpsmomApril 23, 2008

Ok, maybe this isn't the right place to post but you guys are sooo wise I wanted to take advantage of that. Half of my yard is sloped and it's making the planning for how to plant difficult. Any ideas of what to do? I probably need to build more lasagna beds that I can protect from my two dogs. Thanks! Ann

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

that I can protect from my two dogs.
being the proud owner of 3 big outside country doggies I see that as a far greater problem than planning plantings on a slope....yes...lasagna beds would be good I'd think.

I had a friend who last season laid down black plastic to smother out all vegetation for a while in the hottest months on a large and too steep to mow slope. (I would have used Round Up or its generic myself). She then laid landscape cloth on it all, pinning it to the ground and overlapping it well. she then then laid some livestock panels at the top and bottom to try and anchor some of the mulch. She then cut holes in the cloth, took out some of the poor soil, and planted her plants with new 'purchased' soil. She then mulched it all with shaved bark mulch...purchased from a saw mill, and had a dump truck of it delivered. She then edged it all with creek rock, that she had handy...though it was a back breaking job to place it all. She wore me out just telling me what she was was a massive I could not have had the staying power to get completed as quickly as she did.

She has one really really nice big, well prepared, easy to maintain bed. She lost some of her little sedums due to drought and not keeping enough water to them while they were getting established.

Sounds like you have a big and wonderful project at hand.


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Sue: It does sound like a backbreaking project. I am just tired of looking at wannabe grass and mud when it rains. I guess I'll have to build a raised bed to keep the dogs out...but what else do I have the summer for? Thanks for your thoughts, keep them coming! Ann

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

I have a sloped place beside my house. I had to tier it because dirt and mulch would not stay on it. It really depends on how steep it is. I don't have any suggestions on how to keep the dogs out.

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I am planning to garden the slope that faces my house in the back,it is just wasted space and a pain to cut,so I figure it will be nice to look out the window and see flowers instead of boring old grass. I am going to try to use cardboard to smother the grass and plant through the cardboard with out disturbing the soil too much,I am hoping this works! :)

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