Music, Anyone?

dan_the_mailmanApril 13, 2008

Okay, Linda asked recently what we like to wear on our feet when we're gardening, and it looks like the general consensus is that we all enjoying walking around in the dirt with barefeet at some point, which is pretty cool.

So, here's my question. (see, Linda? you're not the only one who can ask a silly question! hehehe) What kind of music do you like to listen to while you're in the garden?

To get the ball rolling, I'll confess that I prefer to garden to the likes of Marilyn Manson, Nickelback, Kid Rock, 30 Seconds to Mars, and pretty much any of the 80's long-hair groups, with ac/dc, van halen, quiet riot, and kiss leading the way. I also like to season it all with a healthy sprinkling of the B-52s from time to time.

dAN, S.G.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

My favotite? The Mockingbirds, but if they sing too much of the same thing too long, I tire of them for that day.,,,nakes me just wanto to turn them off.

Secondly probably would be the Robins.

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Hey Dan,
I like the same kind of music that Sue likes when I'm out in the garden.
Inside is a little different. I agree the 80's rock bands are great. I like a wide variety of music. I was watching some Black Sabbath videos last night on youtube. It's was interesting seeing late 60's and early 70's videos of Ozzy and how he has changed over the years.

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

Outside: The Sounds of Nature. A really big band. One of my favorites is The Sounds of Silence, no wait, that was Simon and Garfunkle.

Inside: I have various tastes. I can listen to anything from classical to jazz, but please no rap. That music just makes me want to go out and bust a cap on somebody. What I listen to really depends on my mood. Music speaks to me. But I have to admit I'm a big fan of the 60s and 70s. The good ole days of real rock and roll!

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I love guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmy Hendrix. I also like rock bands like Stone Temple Pilots and System of a Down(most of the younger people I work with find this funny.)
My husband will blare all kinds of music when I'm outside from James Brown to Glen Miller to Green Day. His taste in music varies a lot!

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ahhhaaaaa!!! :')) now this one i'm sure about!! inside or out!! 80's or country!! WOOO HOOO sometimes hair band 80's! LOL man i miss that music!! LOL i just stick the radio out the window and crank it up and garden!! now that's what i'm totally talkin about!! :'))

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somedays it is the sounds of nature, and other days it is open the garage, and "turn on the radio" ( pun intended)

I listen to anything from jazz, to rock, the 80s is one of my fav, and I use to love the b52s Dan..I listened to them even BEFORE they became popular..I like rock also, van halen, zz top..and now listen to all of the newer music with my kids. Remy alot of my kids friends think it is funny that I have their music on or know the words too..

Music has always been a large part of my life...I have lots of memories connect to certain songs also. We broke down and went and bought my son a nice electric guitar and amp yesterday...I spent the evening (till 12 30...*winces) listening to him "trying it out"...I am hoping he sleeps in today....LOL The kids are on school vacation this week.

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

My tastes in music are very eclectic. Everything from heavy metal, to hair bands, country, jazz, blues. Finger Eleven's "Paralyzer" seems to be mine and Cliff's song. It was one of the videos he sent me on myspace, before I moved to Edmond, telling me it made him think about me. Whenever we get into the car to go somewhere, it inevitably comes on the radio at least once. We went out for a beer with some of his co-workers Saturday night and the band even played it out of the blue (it was AWFUL by the way). Nickleback's "Savin' Me" is another that seems to be our song. Similar story to the one above.

Stevie Ray Von is definitely one of my favs. I could sit and listen to him all night!

In the evenings we have several doves in the area. I like to listen to them coo. I enjoy it even more when Cliff comes outside too and calls to them. He's even managed to get them to come down into the back yard. When gardening I usually enjoy to hear nature itself, but these days I have a rather 'conversational' Chihuahua on one side and a PITA pit bull on the other, so I'll take an MP3 out with me. Cliff has it broken down to different play lists, but I generally just set it to shuffle.


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~Outdoors "Mother Nature" rocks!
~When I'm driving mostly country. I love Sara Evans,Sugarland,& Taylor Swift.
~If I'm cleaning house then it's gotta be the Gin Blossoms,No Doubt,Gwen Stefani,or Pink.
As you can tell I like a mix!later...April/dirt_under_my_nails

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

You'd be fun to kill grass with Dan! I love all those too :) I finally found a great older *winces at older...* rock station and they played Scorpions and VanHalen and Aerosmith and I was whooping and singing out loud in the minivan *winces at minivan..sighhh* and my daughter just sat there givin' me that 'my mom is a TOTAL wacko look'..

*grins... so I'm a wacko :) I'm cool w/ that :)


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Wendy, you Rock!!! Too bad your daughter is too young to appreciate real music, eh? LOL! Wanna really get to her? Play Thriller next time you're in the m-van. That'll straighten her out. NOT! hehehe

Dan, S.G.

p.s. Grass-Killing is scheduled for this week-end. Shall a save you a spot?

p.s.s. Hmmmmm, just had a thought..... Think I should kill the grass while listening to some Poison? Oh My God, Look What The Cat Dragged In!!!

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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ohhhh sassy i'm sooo sorry!! LOL my son is 12 and i'm so lucky that he loves the same music as me!! LOL from the big hair bands all the way to beach boys, to country music!! LOL this kid is awesome!! LOL he even loven loves the 60's music!! one day we were pputting some stuff in the big trash can and he spotted an elvis cassette, the kid was in 7th heaven, he was like jumping in there to get it, he was so happy to be a trash digger!! LOL of course it was our big rented dumpster but still. LOL

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Of course, a bit of Sade or Nina Simone by moonlight is always pretty cool too.....

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love the head bangers 80s! "metallica" my fav!
we listen to lots here, with me n hubs n the kids having diffrent likes but we like each others likes from old school rock to the new.
old country to new. n blue grass to DMX (rap)

half the time i listen to the neighbors music when im gardening, lol they blast it, good thing we like the same! eagles, doors, fleetwoodmac.....old school rock

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Prior to this coming year, I listened to the neighbor's little girl play outside and the hum of distant boats on the lake (the boats are distant because I'm on the cheap side of the road, not the lake side. I have a "seasonal" view of the lake. You can't see it in the summer when the trees are in full bloom.)

Last summer DH got me an Ipod for my birthday. I perceive myself as technologically regressing, so it took me 6 months to figure out how to program it. At that, the music is mostly, the DH's collection of mp3's. This gardening season I'll be listening to a lot of zydeco, Jimmy Buffet, Peter Gabriel, Police, Genesis, Stones and David Bowie. Yeah, I'm a classic rock kind of girl.

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i also like the stuff like country: redneck yacht club, cleaning my gun, devil went down to georgia, ol red -blake shelton, some beach, them kinda songs. oh ya i like little big town too, and trace adkins, and such. LOL so we listen to them two groups of music mostly. i like them booberry!! WOOHOO!!! go girl!! :'))

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agirlsgirl(7 North Carolina)

I like just about all music,and of course the 80's hair bands,especially Skid Row,I am a big fan of Blondie,Meatloaf and Queen.I love R&B,old and new,I am also a fan of Snoop ,not so much gangsta rap,but I love booty I shake it out in the that! :D

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