Rate and Review Group Seed Exchanges?

poisondartfrogApril 5, 2008

I first posted this on the Conversation side of the Rate and Review forum, but then I noticed how little activity there is there so I copied it here.

I am just wondering-does anyone ever post a review for an exchange? I'm not thinking of the exchanges where individual partners are assigned. I guess I am thinking particularly about exchanges that recurr yearly or seasonally, like the mass seed exchanges; many of which have titles that indicate that it is a cyclical event?

I participated in 14 seed exchanges fall of '07 to date for planting this season and I put them all in a spreadsheet ranking them 1-14 in several areas that includes notes about which ones I will not participate in again, those that I will participate in provisionally, and the really great ones. (I know, Anal Alana). I was just thinking that if they were rated somewhere, I might have joined some I overlooked or stayed away from some that were disappointing.


Thanks, Alana

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

I post my round robins as the individual that sent my box.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

No, actual group exchanges are not rated...it is to be a rating for an individual member trade/exchange.

Now if you were paired up with a partner to swap with, in a big group swap, you could then rate that one partner.


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Thanks ladies. That is the way I handle swaps where I have an assigned partner.
I had never seen anyone rate an actual swap where everyone sends to a hostess for redistribution before and I was looking for an established protocol. The hostess could not be held responsible for the seed selection and getting a vast array of common and not so common ones is what appeals to me about the big trades.
The host/hostess has limited control over what varieties they receive, but I had a wide range of experiences swap to swap in terms of how well the hostess communicated what was going on, whether he/she kept to their own stated schedule (and communicated if they could not) and even whether or not I ever actually received the seeds.
For the most part, the swaps were wonderful! I suppose the way to acknowledge that would be to give the hostess a review in the RR forum and mention the name of the swap.
I guess I was going at it backwards-trying to rate the seed swap rather than the hostess.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I would ask maybe that you reconsider rating the host/hostess, if it was a negative. I think that might discourage anyone being a host/hostess...not wanting to risk members maybe not being pleased with what they received. As far as a hostess holding to their schedule, life does indeed happen...members do not follow the rules properly, etc. I for one think it would be such a great undertaking that I would never want the responsibility/work involved in pulling one off, particularly on schedule.

I think maybe host/hostesses might find out the hard way just how much is involved keeping track of everyone, GW name, real name, addy, and what they sent, and what they wanted.

I was in a robin once, and was amazed at the variety of seeds...with very very little info on them. Being on dial-up, I searched a lot of them, and it took a very long time, but I managed to swap quite a few and get it back flying in a day or so.

If I was you, I'd just steer clear of those in the future that might be hosted by the same hostess that did not pull things off very well. It might be likely that they won't host another one anyway.

Sue stepping off her soap box

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Hi Alana,
A good idea is to post that you enjoyed their swap like I did for Julie of the rare, unusual, etc. swap. She hosts a very good swap and is organized too.
As Sue said it would be bad to give a poor rating for someone who did just an ok job. Hosting is not as easy task, and often people start them not knowing how difficult and time consuming it can be! If it was just awful or they ran off with the seeds, then I would give a bad review.

Here is a link that might be useful: R&R for Julie

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Thanks Remy. I would be reluctant to post a negative review for a personal exchange and I don't think I would be comfortable doing that for a swap like that at all-too many variables, but the lack of positive posting would be a clue.
I gather that the answer to my question regarding whether anyone had ever tried to qualify the annual swaps is a resounding no, and that is fine. I was curious.
Thanks folks.

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hi alana! i know you did a great swap! :')) in mnf. i have no idea what went on in your rr that you are talking about, but i know that it is HARD to keep them on schedual when people don't send off like they are supposed to,, ORRRRR (LOL) they forget to post about it cuz they are shy about it, LOL i just hosted my first one, of course i was busy home schooling too and it was something else, i didn't do like i wanted to, LOL but it's finished, LOL i hope you had a great time in yours :')) your the sweetest!! hugs medo :'))

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