ideas for 1925 bungalow

angelina77July 16, 2013

Hello! After searching for a few years, my husband and I finally found our dream bungalow. It is stone, brick and stucco and has been beautifully maintained. I really like the foundation "bones" the previous owners have put in. But I am not a fan of the spirea and junipers that are in the front.

I was thinking along the sides of the home I would plant coneflowers, daylilies and black eyed susans (they are my favorite) but I'm not sure about the front of the house. My husband really likes the clean look of the current landscaping (he also likes the junipers) so whatever I put there needs to be tidy looking.

I guess I'm just looking for ideas for the front of the house to the right of the door. And yes, I know we need to trim up the maple and redbud! Thanks for your time!

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more pictures

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Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to put more than one picture on a post!!

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After looking at the pictures, I think we'd like something low so we can still see the stonework. I would really like a pop of color that would compliment the house. However, we have a lot of large mature trees so it is in the shade...

thanks again!

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Love the siding. Wouldn't want to hide the stonework either, but agree, it *does* need color.

My guess is your local nursery would be your best bet for advice on shade plants for your area. That being said, Hostas do well in most shade situations.

Also, not sure if they grow in your area but I like *really* like the color provided by various Cyclamen varieties. Have a shady patio in California and they do well there.

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Not sure what zone you are in but the plants you mentioned makes me think you are where it gets cold. If so I would see about keeping some of the smaller ever greens and then to add color plant in between and around them. This way it won't look so bare when the flowers die off and the ever greens will provide a nice back drop to your flowers and if you get snow will look pretty snow covered too.

edit: I would remove or at least replant that small tree that is way too close to the house. Maybe you already mentioned that.

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First of all, congratulations on a most beautiful home! I suggest reading up on pruning /cutting back and decrease the height by a third of the tall meatball shrubs. Check out the garden stores for hanging basket holders that stick in the ground and hang color along the front - one way to add color and soften the front with out hiding the nice brick work that makes your home standout.

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I'd be inclined to remove the juniper immediately next to the stairs, but only that one. Then I'd put in a pair of shrubs on each side of the stairs. Maybe deutzias or daphnes. Then I'd fill in the rest of the area in front of the porch with a variety of plants up to the junipers by the corner (actually I would extend the bed farther away from the house, but not sure if you are really looking for more area to garden and maintain). Maybe some heucheras for foliage color. I am not generally big on symmetry, but I can easily imagine the same rounded shrub on each side of the stairs to "match" the curved brick work around the door.

A very handsome and interesting house.

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