how to keep grass from growing?

lovegrnapples(5 IL)April 27, 2009

Okay, I'm sure you looked at the subject & thought I'd gone crazy from the long winter!

Does anyone know of a specific product that I could use to block out grass from growing around a swingset? We plan to top off with rubber mulch.

Hubby had this idea to put a tarp on the grass to see if it would stop the grass from growing--quite the opposite! It worked like a greenhouse. It had the best grass out of the whole lawn. And did I mention the blackbirds thought it was a makeshift birdbath. *sigh. Not what we were hoping for.

I've seen black landscaping material but is there anything better than that?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Nicole aka lovegrnapples

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

You 'could' spray it with Round-up, but doubt if you want to do that, due to the kiddies.

You 'could' remove the turf/sod....since you will likely want the area to be a bit lower than the surrounding yard.

I would suggest solarizing the area, but it will take some time, during the hottest part of the summer...minimum of 6 weeks...but that would only work if it was a full sun, or almost full sun site.

Once it is killed off well, and the mulch spread, I would suggest using Preen for the Vegetable Garden It is actually 60% Corn Gluten, so if you can find it at a feed supply place, it would be a lot cheaper. I recently got 50 LBS for $20 plus tax. That should stop any seeds from germinating in the mulch or the soil below it.



Here is a link that might be useful: How to Solarize Soil

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put newpaper or cardboard under the mulch. lots of it.

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lovegrnapples(5 IL)

Thanks for all ideas,Sue & dorisl.

We thought of just using a sodcutter to remove the grass but were concerned with it growing back.

Lots of cardboard? Is 4 layers (2 flattened boxes lots?) Obviously I have no idea. I guess I should look for how long it takes cardboard to break down.

Thanks for pointing me in a direction!


P.S. I'm ready to do somersaults! Most of my WS flowers sprouted & are doing well! It's my 1st year to WS & I'm hooked! :)

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Is 4 layers (2 flattened boxes lots?) Should be OK, the more the better. Maybe put the sunday paper under the cardboard.


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