help w/ front beds . . .disheveled

dentiphileJuly 9, 2014

Hi all,

Great forums!

I wanted to get some thoughts about my front beds. I was getting sick of the mulch so added a bunch of periwinkle ground cover. I had a lot of bulbs planted before also (daffodils, tulips) as well as a flowering dogwood. Any thoughts on what I can do to make it a "wow" factor! any thoughts greatly appreciated!


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more pics

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I see recommendations given here pushing variety over simplicity, based on the general principle that greater variety provides greater interest. I think that nearly the opposite is true. Simplicity provides clarity and visual strength. 10 small things might say "wow" -- if one is taking the time to ponder each one separately. But collectively they say "let's all scream at once and see if anyone can figure out what we're trying to say!" With landscaping, it's generally the overall message that means something so "wow" generally comes in fewer LARGE statements instead many small ones ... clean, distinct, pleasing shapes and forms being much more important than having more things.

I would not place things that will get higher than a few inches between the drive and the front lawn. As the plants grow, it will make the driveway seem corralled instead of roomy. Keep shrubs there consolidated ... they could could go in islands at each end of the bed so the linear barricade doesn't happen.

I think the bed needs a little re-shaping in order not to seem odd where it is supposed to be accommodating the small tree. They should fit together well. And, of course, use fewer plant types. I think single, large masses of color say a lot more than little bits of it all over the place. I hope the picture helps explain the general concept.

(Over the long term a solid bed of groundcover is more practical and better looking than a bed of mulch, so that's a good move.)

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Great look! What plants are in your plan? I'm zone 6

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I'm using what you already have. Other than the groundcover, I don't know what they are.

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The structure itself provides wow factor. You are just used to your house so you don't notice it. That being said, I like what Yardvark provided for you but if you choose not to do it you will still have a lovely home.

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