Fruits that can grow indoors?

brkieffner(5B)September 7, 2012

Hello. I currently have a Lisbon Lemon tree growing outside. I'll be bringing it in soon. To make the question to the point, what other fruits can I grow indoors that will produce edible fruit?

Varieties and tips are welcome. I already know about other citrus trees obviously and I have an avocado tree growing but I know it won't produce anything.

Thank you!

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zzackey(8b GA)

I think you will be lucky just to keep them alive inside. We brought in a sweet pepper and a tomato. They stayed alive but didn't produce any veggies.

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Maybe growing in the warm greenhouse thru the winter may work?

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How about Dwarf Meyer Lemon? I seen one doing good in a sunny room in the winter.

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Well what I'm specifically asking is more about fruit. Am I able to grow peaches indoors? These plants would go out during the summmer but I have a grow light to help them through the winter. I'm just wondering what is doable. I love peaches but I can't keep up with a peach tree outside once I decide to move and such.

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IIRC, figs can be container grown. I had one in a large box for a few years although I didn't have to bring it inside(we were in a more temperate climate). Of course, once I put it in the ground, we had to move. I'm sure someone has been enjoying the figs ever since.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You are limited to those very few fruit producing trees that come from the tropical/semi-tropical areas of the world that will thrive in the very poor conditions found inside the typical home.

Temperate zone fruits absolutely require a chilling period, usually determined by the number of hours below temperatures between 32 and 45 F. This chilling requirement is met when the trees are in dormancy and a temperate zone fruit tree species will not flower nor fruit without it.

Then there is the separate issue of trying to overwinter anything but warm climate plants inside. Temperate plants just won't survive.

So, a big NO to peaches and suggest that you purchase additional citrus and increase the number of good grow lights. You can learn a lot from the good people in the Citrus Forum. The good thing about many citrus varieties is that they are nicely adapable to the typical indoor environment with very little effort. Can't say the same for other tropical fruits.

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Are we counting tomatoes as fruits? In which case micro-tom, silvery fir tree, sophie ann, and some other cool super-mini dwarf varieties will actually fruit indoors, especially with supplemental lighting.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The OP specifically stated that he is interested in fruit...peaches in particular. Someone has already suggested tomatoes.

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Fantastic information and help! I always love reading what you have to say. You have taught me so much and yet you have never asked anything back except that we succeed and see what's right.
You can't put a price on your offerings.

Thank you


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Rhizo_1, your comment came across to me as unnecessarily rude. I was responding to the initial post, and didn't read the whole thread. The other person didn't suggest tomatoes, they suggested that they wouldn't work. I wanted to make the OP aware of some varieties that do well indoors.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Rude? Not so, tiger, though I'm sorry that you think so. I was fishing, on behalf of the OP, for suggestions about the chances of fruit (peaches) being produced inside the typical home. Suggestions about assorted other veggies would be distracting, in my humble opinion. C'mon, the guy wants PEACHES not tomatoes, lol! Nothing personal towards you at all.

Mike, thank you so much....clearly not everyone shares your high opinion of me.

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