What do you do in the case of a no-sender?

blue_ivy(5 IN)April 30, 2008

Hello all,

I feel like a proud parent - I harvested my first seed-planted vegetables ever just today - radishes. : )

Alas, that is not the reason for this post. I was just wondering what you experienced GW-ers do when you have agreed to a trade, sent your end of the trade, and received nothing in return.

I am reluctant to post a negative review because it is possible that this trader is just overwhelmingly busy, that some major emergency/ accident has occurred, etc. So my more narrow question is: How long do you wait before posting a negative review (as I assume there is no other course of action that can be taken)?

My inclination is to wait about a month or so, which is about now for this particular trade. I sent out my seeds on 4-4-08, and when I heard nothing back, I sent a follow-up email for confirmation of receipt on 4-20-08, and still heard nothing back.

This trader only has one review so far, and it is a very good one!

Thanks for your advice & happy trading!

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did ya send another email? like this week? i would post if ya hadn't heard anything that you hadn't heard anything and that you hate to post a negative and if you do by chance get your seeds you most definately will post that. i posted after almost 2 mo.
also i got scammed big time by someone who had a great review. so ya can't ever count on that one great review. just my opinion. Good luck!! with whatever your decision is :')) Medo

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Blue,

Would you mind maybe emailing me the member name...b4 you give a negative review....Maybe I can think of something. I'm thinking give it a bit more time too...like medo. I myself get soooo behind, so can empathize a bit...and if my computer crashed, I'd for sure be getting some negative reviews. I'm wondering if maybe they had computer woes or something. I had them myself something awful last summer for over a month.

Did you reply to a thread of theirs, or did they reply to a thread of yours? I do so hope it was not an off the board trade. I'm sorry you've had this concern so soon after joining.

Sue...resident busy body

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

I would try to email again. I often have my emails from GW to into my spam. If I am unable to check my email everyday, the spam gets dumped. I don't think "most" people ignore their emails although I have sent things and the emailed at least 2 times asking if they have been received to have no reply. I also think it is appropriate to send an email when something is received just to let the sender know it arrived.

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blue_ivy(5 IN)

Thanks, you three, for the advice. It seems that the general consensus is to wait & try emailing again, which I will do.

Sue, I sent you an email.


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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Hi Tola! :) Waiting is a good idea,but if you see that person posting for trades, maybe mention to them that you are still waiting on your seeds. You don't have to be mean,maybe there is an email glitch or something....anyway,you never know if there is a good reason why you have not received yet. I would send this person one more email and if you get no response you can post here that you are looking for them,maybe they will see it and you can clear it up that way so you don't have to post a negative. I hope you get your seeds,if not,just email me,you never know, maybe, I have what you were supposed to receive! :)
~ Angie...who has this uncontrollable urge to enable every smiling face she encounters...lol...

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blue_ivy(5 IN)

Angie -- You are unbelievable! Thanks for being so nice! But I will not be "stealing" any more seeds from you any time soon - I am still trying to plant all the ones you already gave me! Ha! : ) Well, unless you happen to have hops. I have been dying to find some.... (By the way I would be interested to hear whether the Moulin Rouge sunflowers are growing for you - I am having issues with mine.)

Thanks for the good advice. Sue advised the same strategy. (Great minds...) And thanks for saying hi - I hope your gardening season is going well!

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I had, like, three packages that all got delayed for different reasons. I just sort of waited it out and they came, way late, but they came.

I once I even let an outgoing package get buried on my desk under a pile of stuff and I was so embarrassed, but I just wrote an sent it out right away.

I would not be offended at all if somebody wrote and asked me what was up with a trade. Unless they were mean about it, that is.

I think I had one no-send last fall, but I may have gotten confused with all the record keeping last fall and I just let it go. Ive gotten so many seeds from all you guys, I didnt bother me to "lose" a few to somebody who had alot going on and may have made an honest mistake.

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blue_ivy(5 IN)

PLEASE do not email me privately about this issue without posting here (unless we have had previous correspondance). It makes me uncomfortable, and I am obviously reluctant to distribute the member's name, as you can tell from my not having included it above. I can appreciate good intentions and a desire not to be scammed, but please respect my desire to keep the name from disclosure at this point. I will leave feedback under the Review Forum eventually if it seems suitable to do so. Thanks for understanding!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

And on the flip side of the coin, I once received the same trade from a member 3 different times. I think she must have gotten overwhelmed, and over traded, and did not keep good records or something. I chuckled after I received the second trade, and I really laughed out loud when I got the 3rd one. This was even all b4 the advent of the Rate and Review Forum in Nov 2006...she was just a very great trader, fulfilling her part numerous times...just to be safe and sure. She now has many many great reviews to her credit...mine being one of them.

Here is a link that might be useful: When trading don't forget to check the Rate and Review Forum....

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Tola,sorry no hops,but maybe since you have mentioned you are looking someone that has them will see it.Please,if you don't receive your seeds, and you were really wanting something you were supposed to receive,if I have it, it is yours,you can "steal" from me anytime! :)
As for my Moulin Rouge sunflowers,I sowed them ws method on 4-24 and had my first sprout on 4-26,I think they did it to shake me up...lol.. we were due for a frost on Monday! I had a couple other sunflowers sprout that day also. What sowing method are you using for them? Do you have any seeds left? If not I still have a few left that I didn't sow,lmk! :)

Sue,that trader sounds like she should have her picture posted somewhere for "trader of the month"...lol...now that is someone you can definitely trust! :) I was smiling away picturing an over whelmed trader sitting there in a pile of seeds packing up trades,forgetting to mark down she sent,than repacking them up again and again in a panic because she can't remember sending them...lol...when I am on a trading spree I write everything down,I can see that easily happening...lol..

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