wondering how to stop water pooling in a specific spot

ehunt123(5a)July 15, 2014


Picture attached but there are more here:


We just had a big storm pass by in the past hour, dumping a ton of rain all at once, but the problem pictured happens with anything more than a drizzle. Pictured is a low point of the sidewalk (city owned) and my hell/easement strip. The concrete, done in the early 70s, sinks down in a specific spot, but has not seemed to dip lower. The problem, though, is you can see where "erosion" has started to occur on the berm/bump I have prepared for some plants I'm about to get. I am wondering how I could either divert or alter where the water pools, as it has already taken some of the soil away and will continue to do so. I don't plan to have any plants on either side of it, but at the top. Should I just wait until there are plants on top, when they establish and improve the soil structure? Can I put some of the black plastic landscape edging to help divert it away? Since the city owns it, unless it's destroyed to he point a pedestrian could not traverse on it safely, it's my problem. I once inquired with a contractor who does concrete, and they wanted almost a thousand to repair, which sounded steep but also way too much for a small problem like this.


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These are the kind of problems that cities seem to fix in batches every few years -- wherever the need is worse -- but it could be a 35 year wait. (Whenever they get a grant from Washington!) This is not the kind of problem I would call a contractor to fix. I would do it myself for $50 and get it over with. Probably on a Sunday when the city was least likely to discover my philanthropy.

Forget about black plastic edging. And erosion. Just plant your plants and ignore this thing. If you don't want dirt washing, plant some plants in the area that cover the ground and stop erosion.

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