beware of cold emailings!!!

medontdo(8)April 30, 2008

as in people emailing you for stuff on your list and you didn't email them. yes sue warned me, i didn't remember til to late. if you MUST set up a trade with these people, get your end first. and there are some out there that will email you and say "you said you had such and such you could trade, do you still have that??" and you are thinking to yourself, hmmmm.....i don't remember saying that, don't answer it or politely back out. what ever you do, just don't trade, there's been some scamming going on lately. so just be careful. make sure to check the Rate & Review Exchanges, and be sure that they didn't just sign up that day or something like that. also if they are asking for ALOT of your seeds. that's my opinion. i'm sure some of the others have some better idea's of what to look for. usually i'm not that cold about stuff. but here lately.......... Medo

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

I have to admit as a newbie I did a cold emailing. I was unable to find Baby Boo pumpkins and wanted some for the gk. I did offer to trade something I found off the other person's list and did keep up my end of the bargain. I guess it would be fair enough though to have the other person receive their end first but it would be nice if the person being asked for the seeds states that upfront. Kim

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ya, i did alot of that too when i first joined and even a few months ago, LOL but when i did get lucky enough to trade i always sent right away!! i was very good about that!! but it seems here with in the the past few months or so we've been getting alot of new scammers. i can't believe it!! that really is not cool. and it makes us (gw) look really bad!! especially when i go to another site and they say man the stories i could tell you, or ohhh gw is a bunch of (basically) bandits and so on. i know we all arent that way. just some. and of course i've only been here one year, but still, its been a great year for me, i've met some really awesome people and also some i'd LOVE to forget!! LOL its late and i'm babbling!! LOL HEE HEE i gotta sleep, you take care Kim!! and your gk is absolutely adorable!! you could just hug her forever!! LOL **big grinn** Medo

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i thought thats why we made the lists? so people can check them out? i lurked on alot but havent done a cold e-mail, im guessing a cold e-mail is were you e-mail someone when they havent posted about the seeds in question? lot of the lists have old dates or i dont have whats on their wants list or i woulda lol, it might be better if you seen somthing on some ones list n have somthing they want to just make a post in the tradeing fourm, you could maybe toss a hint to the person in the post?

i have done a couple trades were i checked out there list n let them know i was checking out there list.but im new at tradeing so i only did a couple trades so far, n im not on the R&R list so i hope that dosnt keep people from tradeing with me, n being new i dont mind sending first either, cause i understand about the scammers you have them on alot of forums.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Ok...say I want Lord Anson sweet peas. What I would first do, is post a Want thread with Lord Anson in the subject of posting line....and let it ride. If I didn't get any replies, then I would do a search of members lists, and see if someone might have it. I'd then check their want list, and send them an email requesting a trade, offering one or some of their 'wants, or else ask that they check my list.

I've gotten 2 cold emails this week, and have not had the time to check them out really well....too many plant trades in different stages this week and early next week. I think both might be for plants...where they saw me 'offering' them up on someone else's thread. I'll check them out better when I get a little more caught up and maybe trade, asking that they mail first. They may turn out to be some really great trades....

Sue...who loves to see the mail lady pull in with 'boxes' to deliver.

Here is a link that might be useful: When trading don't forget to check the Rate and review Forum............

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yes, check them out really good though, if the person has no history, ask someone, who ya know has alot of trades. they can help ya, i ask either sue (chemocurl) or jaleeisa mmmm or agirlsgirl, they are very smart!! :')) i just worry that someone may not aware of how "some" people are. LOL not all of us are that way!! :')) i'm the same way, i don't mind sending first to someone who has a much better rating than me!! especially if i'm "trying" to aquire something LOL Medo :'))

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Some of life's little lessons are just learned the hard way. If a member is out seeds, and a little in postage, that is just part of the little learning.

Now when it comes to more precious plants, and even more postage, then it becomes a little bit more expensive of a little lesson learned the hard way.

I for one try remember "Don't sweat the petty stuff (too much) as I have learned a lot of lifes lessons the hard way where it cost me big bucks to do so. I always liked George Carlin's take on the above quote..."Don't pet the sweaty stuff. " to eat weeds....

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