Sweet little girl, and an unexpected kindness

kms4meMay 22, 2010

These last few weeks have been very hard for several reasons, many of which I will not go into. Like many others, we are at that age where we are going to lose people we love, namely both of our mothers do not have much time left. Sometimes life gives us double and triple whammies, and sometimes it feels like we are down for the count.

My annual plant sale started today, and as my husband has been layed off again, the money I make from this is very important. The forecast had been for good weather, but when I woke up, it was cloudy, windy, rainy, obviously really rotten weather... But by the time the sale started, the sun came out, it was slightly breezy and cool, absolutely perfect. I've been selling plants for 12 years, and this was the best single day ever. By a long shot. A big relief to say the least.

A woman came with her 9-year-old daughter. Normally kids who come with their moms get bored and restless, but this little girl is a BORN GARDENER. She noticed everything, asked lots of questions, was so sweet and polite. As her mom was checking out she pulled $12 in change out of her pockets and said she wanted to buy her Mom the white bleeding heart and the astrantia maxima. Her mom said she could pay her and she'd write a check to cover it all, but no, this sweet little girl wanted to pay me directly, solemnly counted out her quarters. I have 48 quarters on my counter from this darling little girl. I showed her how to propagate sedum, how to open bleeding heart flowers to see the lady in the locket, gave her a baby Japanese maple and a white crested iris, she touched me so.

Last year I was discussing dogs with a customer and shared with her how sad I was (still) over my little terrier Homer who I had lost a year earlier to Lyme's disease. When she came to my sale this year, she handed me a present as she was leaving. I opened it up, and it was a figure of an angel holding a little dog on her shoulder... It was so sweet and thoughtful and perfect, I burst into tears... It is now in Homer's memorial garden.

The money I earned from the sale helps me to keep my home... The sweetness, the kindness of people I barely know, the generosity of gardeners, the appreciation of all the times I've opened my gardens for charity tours has fed my soul... I don't know how many of you believe in karma, but even if you never get an actual 'thank-you', little kindnesses, sweetness, will come around, will blind-side you, make you you glad you opened your life.

And sometimes you will cry tears of joy and relief... and sweetness.


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awww Kate!! i am so sorry for your loses that you've had lately. i am happy that you've had two very special people touch you so much!!! so much lately it seems that they are very far in between. :'( i used to think i could see good in everyone, no matter who they were, somehow, i think i have been mistaken. lately we have put everything aside to take care of my mom's husbands mom (ya, did ya catch that one?? **grin**) we left our home, came to my mom's home and stay here to take care of her, love her, but i tell you, i wonder why i do this sometimes. she can be such a great person at times, :') i am so very happy when we go to church and we meet the kindest people. ya know. or when we go back home for a bit or i see someone and i get to share a bit of what i know (which isnt much LOL) about plants and they are ohhhh only so happy!! **big smile** then i am sooooo filled again with some kind of happiness again, ya know??!! i really do hope that your hubs gets a job again. i will keep him in my prayers :') ~medo

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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

How nice of them to both spread a ray of sunshine like that. And how nice of you to brighten our day by sharing the story. :)


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Hi Kate,
Your story made me get a tear in my eye, and I'm not one prone to such things.

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Thank you all... I was a bit embarrassed when I read what I'd posted very late at night (early morning actually) after a very busy, hectic, but good day in my life. I was very emotional, and revealing that can touch people, make you sound like a blithering idiot, and/or open you up to judgments.

Though we all know there are so many struggling right now, there is still a sense of shame and embarrassment to reveal that we, personally, are among those having a very tough time. It is one of the most isolating, lonely things I have ever experienced. And despite my intial chagrin at having revealed so much about my situation, it has felt good and been good for me. In a world where trust is so abused, I really treasure the kind words expressed here.


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Thank you for being so kind as to share your story. I pray that all works out for you and peace comes to your mind and your heart.

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leigh44(zone 5)

hello kate i'm new here but i am also glad to hear your story. it is so easy for people to keep their heads down and not see or share what is still good in the world. i recently took in some teens and it is far too easy for me to be angry with society for letting them get dumped. you've just reminded me it's not everyone, many wonderful people are still out there who care about others. thank you leigh

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It maybe that your sharing your feelings about your plight right now is exactly what another needs to hear. I know for me it says 'You are not alone'.
Thanks for sharing.

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Oh... Thank you all for your kind words of appreciation and encouragement. They all have touched me.

Some of you I know through GW (Remy, Medo). Remy, my garden is testament to the great trades we've had and I admire your many contributions to GW through the years. Medo, life sounds hard for you as well as for me, but I've found that when all is said and done, I never regret the kindnesses, the going-out-of-the-way things I've done, only the harsh words and bad feelings.

Lynda, and ohiovalleygardener, thanks for your nice comments and wishes. Ohiovalleygardener, welcome to GW, I have been meaning to send you a personal email for quite some time now and hopefully will follow through soon.

Leigh44... you have taken on a great challenge
and all my best thoughts and hopes are with you. You are dealing with damage and scars that no child should ever have to live through, yet you are there to do your best to pick up the pieces. Something tells me your best is pretty terrific. I am humbled by your story.

Love2gardennc, thanks so much for letting ME know I am not alone.

May sweetness follow all of you,


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