You know its love when...

plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)May 2, 2008

Went to Lowes with the dear hubby a few days ago and before I even got in the car he grumbled "I'm not there to buy any plants". He needed something at the total opposite end of the store but for some reason (big smile) he parked where we had to walk through the garden area. As I was walking through I heard a man say to his wife "why you looking at that, looks like a weed to me". She stated she has been trying to grow them because she thinks they are so pretty (daisies). He then said "I've been killing them things off for years". She looked a little disappointed and started to walk away when I saw him put one into his cart.

This made me think of my own sweetie...he grumbles and mumbles about my "wanting to be some kind of farmer" and I often here him utter "awww geeezzz" when he sees some more plants or some wierd structure or more garden art I have aquired.

But I know he loves me when...

I steal one of his garage lights to start tomatoes and he pretends not to notice.

I mention I want to start a veggie garden and the next day 5 yds of soil is delivered in my driveway.

He says he wants to put rocks in the front of the house instead of flowerbeds but digs the holes for my hostas.

He really thinks I am crazy for asking him to save styrofoam coffee cups but he does it anyway.

I could go on and on...but I would like to hear from others.

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Well, Cliff is a pretty special man. When I started talking about putting in a garden here, the first thing he said was "You can do what you want, but I'm not digging, hauling, building, hoeing, ..." and the list went on. He went on to tell me that he has nothing against gardens, or gardeners, but he had to build- from NOTHING but flat ground- the three tiers of garden beds that are in his Mom's backyard. These things are HUGE. and there's THREE TIERS of them, each about 6 ft wide and well... they have an acre that the house sits on with another half acre over to the side, so you do the math. Each tier is held in place with railroad ties. Between hauling those.. and filling those tiers... well, I can see why gardening wouldn't be his most favorite thing in the world. It's gorgeous, and we're getting married on the path under the arbor that breaks the tiers. :) And that's just ONE of the gardens his Mom has.

But back to my story.

So, I was out marking where my beds would be so I could till (before I'd learned what lasagna was!) Well, apparently one of my lines was off. He could see it from the office window. So he came out and helped me get it all nice and squared. Then comes the tilling. Well, I have a spinal disease and the tiller was really a little more than I could handle HP-wise and the top inch was really hard packed - like concrete. So the tiller was bucking on me a lot. So he comes out and did the tilling for me. In the front yard, I wanted a half moon large bed, then two more round beds. He got rope and the shovel and marked them out perfectly- then tilled them!

We went to Home Depot for something...oh, to look at weedeaters. Well, he saw this gazebo that was like $1000. Started talking about how nice it would be to have somewhere to sit and enjoy my gardens in the backyard. I drew his attention to a much cheaper, and honestly prettier, gazebo. He bought it for the anniversary of when we "officially" became a couple. He went back for some hardware for something about a week later and came back with three kinds of tomato plants that were just not co-operating in coming up from seed. This man doesn't know one plant of any kind from another- he always has that blank look like I'm talking about nuclear science. But he brought home the exact three that were just NOT coming on from seed this year!

All of this was before he proposed and moved in here with the kids and I.

I know he loves me. Even when he doesn't have a clue what I'm so excited over. When he helps, though I know he really dislikes gardening. When he sees a plant and asks if I have it(if I said no to all of them, he'd blow our budget buying them for me!) When he strolls outside with me to look at seedlings and how much they're growing even after he's been out in the heat delivering mail all day. When he goes and buys 2x4's to re-enforce the bottom of the gazebo so all the screws don't shake out in the Oklahoma wind. When I'm researching plants or flowers and he comments on how something would look placed next to something else. When he sits and looks over my garden blueprints and mentions that I need something to fill in while my bulbs are dormant. When he comments that the neighbors are just gonna have to deal with me going lasagna in even the front beds this fall because they'll be that much better next spring. When, though he looks at the multitude of seed packets and BEs laying around my desk like he's stepped into a horror film and asks if I got anything interesting in today. When he suggests better ways to package seeds and plants for trade to make sure they reach their destination in the best shape possible. When he mentions that we could get in touch with a tree trimmer to get some mulch. When he laughs and jumps right in to helping me plan my "Lewd Garden Bed" complete with Hair Ball plants, Naked Ladies, cockscomb, rubber plant, etc. Even suggests getting an old bed frame to border that garden bed like the ones he's seen me looking at on the Garden Junk forum.

When this man, who dislikes gardening so much, compliments how my beds are coming along and how much better the yard looks... and still wants to marry his nutty gardener in 22 days :)


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your guys are so awesome!! :'))
mine is that he will take care of me, do you explain it? and like sq ft gardening, he could care less, but he is willing to go ahead and spend the money on it for me cuz that's what i want and he's so hoping that it will actually produce what i say it will even though he don't say it, i can see the look!! LOL and all my ws, ahhhh he HATES the mess!! LOL but he lets me keep the unorganized mess out there!! LOL and in the winter, i'm soooo bad about this!! i'm jsut so sorry, i can't let the annuals out there, i have to bring them in!! so i have wall to wall plants!! i once showed angie my jungle!! it was crazy!! he lets me do this, i don't know why, i guess cuz he just really loves me, even though he'll gripe from time to time, but he still lets me :')) and like now i have a huge space out "front" filled with cell trays and the kids homeschooling plant experiments from winter and ohhhh my, it does look sloppy, but he don't say much, he don't like a mess like that. ohhh my goodness and when i had all these seed packets!! they were ALL OVER the couch and the livingroom floor, so i could get some stuff out, well man, and in the diningroom the plants were all over the place and the seed packets, geez but he'd just roll his eyes and say i want them picked up by the time i get home please, uhhh that's like 10 hours!! LOL i think i can do that!! HEE HEE and he does all the shopping, so i don't really have to unless i want to get out of town, (sometimes it freaks me out in the bigger towns, just sometimes) gets my meds that ihs dont send. crazy things like that! he's sweet!! til he tells me no. LOL **onery grinn** LOL and last but not least,,,,putting up with me!!! LOL Medo

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