New Postal BE Record!

remy_gwMay 5, 2010

I sent BigRed a package on December 1st. She never got it.This was a package I was really disappointed that it never got there being I sent the only seeds I had for the trade plus I put in some really unusual extras again that I had no more of.

Well, it got there a couple days ago. Yes it took 5 MONTHS!! It was address correctly. Who knows. I think it got accidentally delivered to another home and they had it and never dropped it off.

So you never know your MIA package just might show up years later, lol.


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There're quite a few postal stories on this forum. It makes tracking look more and more desirable.

Good thing seeds remain viable for a long time, huh~

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I once received one that took several weeks to arrive and there were tire tracks across the bubblie, including the stamps so I knew it was probably done somewhere in its travels...sigh. The bubblie protected the seeds just fine though.

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I had that happen to a gift box I sent a friend long time ago. She got it months later with dust and cobwebs on it!

dose make ya think about getting a tracking # for your envys. but then your trading may shorten from the cost.
to track or not to track? lol.

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from to topeka to scranton, and we sent it monday and this is friday, still not there, scranton is 45 minutes from here. i mailed it because i didn't know when i could get there. ERRRRRR!!!!! stupid mail people!!. ~medo

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