Is your Email 'blocked? How to check it and unblock

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)May 4, 2009

When responding to a post, often members will ask, or require that you have your email unblocked.

These members are usually getting the follow-up replies sent to their email box. If they ask you to unblock it, please be courteous and do so, or don't expect them to respond to your reply post. (see also #6 below.) By having your email unblocked, they can then conveniently reply to the follow-up email they receive when you reply to their post. Many members will not take the time to go back to find their thread, and find your post, and then email you via the link on your page and the GW form.

Do you know if your email address is unblocked?

It is simple to check it.

1-Go to 'your' Member Page.

2-Click on the link Send me an email...see 3a or 3b.

3a-When you then go to the page the link takes you to, if it says You can reach YOUR MEMBER NAME at Your email address then your address is indeed NOT blocked.

3b-When you then go to the page the link takes you to, if it says You can send your member name an email using this form: your email address is BLOCKED. Please see 4a below for instructions on how to unblock it.

4a-If your address is blocked, just go to the bottom of any GW page and click on Member Pages

4b-Click on Edit your Personal Information, Page, and Preferences You will then be asked to log in again before editing your info.

4c-Scroll down to the bottom where there is a drop down box that says Show my email address to: Choose MEMBERS...AND...CHECK the Box where it says Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site.

5-Be sure and click Save your Member Profile

6 (optional)If a member requires that your email be unblocked, you can always unblock it before posting to their thread and then block it again afterwards.

Please note, your email address will only be visible to members, and not to anyone who is not a registered member.

It will not be shown whenever you make a post.

Myself and most others have never had any problems, with our email addresses being shown to 'members' though some say they have had problems in the past. If you have concerns, you may want to set up a new email address just for your GW trading....and/or use #6 above.

Others have had their address shown to either 'members' or even to 'everyoneand had little or no problems.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel to post or ask here. Anyone still with me? I'm sorry this is long, saw no other way to explain it all. I know that some members think that just because they have a Member Page email link set up that they are unblocked, which just is not so.


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Thanks SUe...I had rec'd some trade emails a few weeks ago, so I didn't even know it, but I surely was blocked.....thanks for all your help on here!! I certainly appreciate it!

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