Deep Containers with less diameter

saoodhashimOctober 18, 2013

Reading posts around here, I came to know that because of PWT, it is better to have deep containers instead of shallow ones. Now for vegetables like tomato and cucumber the minimum size preferred is 5 gallon which a 15 inch diameter x 12 inch depth round container can fulfill. I saw one container which was deep and long like the depth was 18-20 inches but its diameter was only 8-10 inches. Can such containers be used for such vegetables? Will such containers be a better alternative?

Such can have a higher risk of falling over - but if this risk is somehow controlled / mitigated, what would be your recommendation?

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If that's what you were able to find, then I'd say get one and try it. See how it works. You're going to have super intense sun and lots of heat on the roots. For that reason I'd try to have as large of a container as possible to give some buffer for the temps, but worst thing that can happen is your plants get too stressed and die. Then you get to try again! Good luck.

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Thanks Juliana

I am not required to work with them. I was enquiring if this is a better option. If, however, the merits of using it are less than its demerits, I will work with the normal ones.

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Oxboy555(Las Vegas)

Tomato plants would probably like it since they like to be planted deep.

Keep in mind that tall semi-cylindrical vases with tapered tops/openings are a b*tch to transplant out of. There's no clean way to get a shovel in there down the side under the root ball to kind of lift it out. I would only keep seasonal/one-time plants in this type of container as you might not be able to get root-bound plants out through the narrower opening without yanking hard by the trunk/stem and doing pretty major root trauma.

If it's a tall tube with straight sides top to bottom, that would be easier.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I think an ideal/optimum container should have equal height and diameter. or kind of a cubical if not round. In containers, the roots don't need to go deep. They need volume. Wider mouth is better than narrow. BUT then a lot of times there isn't much choice. You have to use what is available.

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