Decomposed granite for kid pathway

jrtmouseJuly 7, 2014

We're in planning mode for a new backyard. We'd like to have some sort of pathway around the perimeter of the yard to allow the kids to walk, run, bike/trike around.

I fear a concrete path would be too much money. I was thinking dg might be a viable option. My main concerns are whether a dg path will allow easy triking/biking and if it is somewhat kid feet friendly. If by chance they are walking the path bare foot, will it hurt their little feetsies?


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I don't think it would hurt their feet . . . but gravel in skinned knees and hands is no fun at all

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littlebug5(z5 MO)

You'll be sorry.

We had one, with 2 kids and a dog. Worse than worthless. Painful to walk on. Wouldn't stay put. Kids loved piling it, scooping it, throwing it at each other, the dog, the roof, birds, etc. Dog would run through it, spraying gravel everywhere. Then you have to pick it out of the yard. Weeds grew up in it. Hopeless to scoop snow off of.

As soon as I had the money I replaced it with a real concrete sidewalk.

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Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, we were told yesterday that due to the slope of our yard, a concrete path is not an option. From what I understand, the dg need to be compacted, compacted, and then compacted some more.

We don't and won't have pets. Thankfully, that's one less issue we have to worry about.

Have you any ideas for a viable alternative?

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We have some short pathways with decomposed granite. It doesn't go flying everywhere. Yes if our kid wanted to use a shovel to dig it up she could, dogs don't fling it anywhere. It does stick to the paws and shoes when wet though. But so small and we have concrete before getting to the house that it is not an issue to track it in. Wiping of feet helps in the shop where it leads to. Ours is compacted and held in by a stone border on one path. The other path is for the roll up door of the shop where we take out the mini tractor and the spread out of those bounds have been minimal with no border. Again compacted well. It sticks to the tractor tires when wet and gets in the shop. DH just sweeps it back out. Minimal when dry.

You can ride bikes and tricycles on it, but takes more work than smooth concrete to do so. Not necessarily a bad thing. Just need to make sure it is compacted good. I'd rent a compacter to do it.

We have lots of weed that sprout everywhere in our yard. Just part of living in our area. We have no issues with weeds in these paths. They are at least 4" thick.

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Are pavers an option? They are nor permanent in the same way as concrete. Yes a bit bumpy at seems when on a bike, but smaller ones would make it less notable.

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Wood chips make an excellent path.

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I think I will rent a compactor when I do the path and you said you have about four inches of dg? Good to know. Part of the path will be in front of a shed where I will use to move the lawnmower in and out. I feel like this could definitely be a viable option!

I have also thought about pavers. I saw an episode of Going Yard and they used pieces of their old concrete patio to form a walkway. We're removing a fairly large patio so setting these chopped up pieces of concrete may be an option, maybe even for a portion of the pathway.


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