Hey, I'm a newbie

jtbeachbum(7b NC)May 19, 2010

Just stopping in while at work, shhh...dont tell anyone. I'm a newbie interesting in getting starting. This is great. I love it already, and haven't even really begun yet. If anyone wants to offer me tips or tricks, or anything useful or not so much, I much appreciate all the help I can get. Is there a page that kinda breaks down everything to help new folks like me? Thanks. Looking forward to it.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi jtbeachbum/Jon,


Well for starters the link to the Special Instructions for the Exchange is broken but we have them posted in a thread. Besides the actual 'official' instructions, I have added some hints and tips to them.

At the bottom of the post are some links to some useful and some entertaining threads.

You are doing great so far, introducing yourself, and asking for tips and tricks, and having your Member Page email link set up. Good for you!

I imagine initially you will want to fill in your trade page, even if you might not have anything to trade at this time, and list the things you might be interested in receiving if you reply to some of the seeds for postage 'offers.'

HERE is a link to the Special Instructions for the Exchange.

HERE is a link to a thread addressing newbie and newer member issues. It explains how to set up your Member Trade list, and how to look for and respond to the Seeds for Postage (ie BEAP-Bubble envelope and postage, SASBE, Newbie, Free, etc offers. In most cases you will be instructed to send a bubble envelope and a return address label, and enough postage to get the envelope returned to you with seeds in it. The member making the offer, will give you the specifics of what is needed...you will probably be asked to be sure and include your member name as well as maybe a list of seeds you were to receive.


Holler if you have any questions...we are a pretty friendly bunch here.

My name is Sue. How do you do? I am the resident busy body here.

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jtbeachbum(7b NC)

Thanks. And thank you for all the great information. Looking forward to getting started after I get all caught up on how this works.

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Hi Jon Welcome to GW!
I just sent ya a e-mail for a trade :)
Well Sue is the best person to help :)she's great!

You can check the rate and review before trading too. just copy the persons user name and past it in the serch box.
There are alot of good traders in here. very friendly! you'll be hooked in no time :)

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