How do you all keep from losing small garden tools?

audrey_gwMay 13, 2008

Hi! I've already purchased--and lost--two pairs of pruning shears this year. Fortunately, I know better than to get expensive ones. But I can't afford to keep buying even the cheap ones over and over. I tend to misplace trowels as well, but at least they don't cost as much!

I know the old saying about having a place for everything and everything in its place. But, frankly, I'm so absent-minded that it just ain't going to work for me! Because I'm never actually thinking when I lay the tools down in the first place.

If anybody has any ideas--other than fitting the shears with a beeper--please let me know!

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OMG that is so funny do it all the time! No matter what I am doing when I go to get something I just can't find it again!!! I try to keep a couple of different things in different spots in the yard, so one will be handy if the other is lost. Lately I have been keeping my pruners in my back pocket but that is hard to do with a trowel!!!

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I misplace tools too..however, I've been putting everything I'm using in a bucket. It's easy to carry, I'm always needing water to drench new plantings and it's easy to clean up. I just pop hat, gloves and tools in it and off I go!

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

I'm really bad about this too. -I am less likely to lose tools that have bright red handles, though.

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Such a timely topic for me, Ive got three plastic trowels, didnt pay more than a dollar for any of them and I can find any of them.

The grocery store had a bunch of pink gardening tools out for mothers day, hoping they'll be on clearance and Ill get me some and I wont let those babies outta my sight!

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Ok, here are some good ideas ! I hope you can use some of them..

When you get a new pair of tools, take some red or yellow spray paint and paint the handles..this way against the green grass or brown dirt you will SEE them !!

Ok, go and buy a used mailbox..paint it to look cute or use as is... find a good spot IN the garden...put the gardening tools inside, they will stay dry and be there anytime you think Ill just pull one weed...LOL

Hope this helps and good luck !

( I am the Idea Junky..LOL)

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I don't. I buy new diggy hand tools and gloves almost every year. I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

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i like the mail box idea!! way awesome!! i will try that one, for now i've been using this small mop bucket, and putting them all in there. and carrying it all around with me, usually i have to pick up some kinda trash or something, so its handy. and i've been using it for filling up with the dirt for the tomatoes and stuff. i've learned just how handy this sm mop bucket really is for me!!. i have really clay soil!! so yucky!!! so that's what i do :'))

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

I usually either have a bucket or my garden caddy bag with me. I use to really misplace tools a lot until I got this and really started using it. So far this year I've not misplaced a single tool, and that includes my markers, sharpies, scissors, small pruners, a knife that I keep with me, gloves that I rarely wear, packets of seeds, and hand tools.

It's so odd to not have to search out things. I think that is the best money I've ever spent!


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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I have tried keeping them all nice and neat inside things and tried quite a few things to keep track of them,none of these worked for me. Once I get out there I am like a tornado finally just gave up on keeping track and now consider the search part of the work,I haven't had to buy any new small tools in a couple years! :)
~Angie who actually just walked in circles looking for her digging shovel of all

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

I do the bucket thing also. It is handy for putting in those weeds you pick or trash. I then take out the tools and dump the bucket. I LOVE the idea of the mailbox though and may have to try that one.

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yes, the mailbox, mopbucket, and bucket!! LOL so easy!!! LOL just imagine!!! yesterday while jay (the guy who fixed our mower) was over asked what we were doing with the one bed, as some of ya know we are slowly making it into a hummer/butterfly bed for suni, yes, VERY SLOWLY!!! LOL
well he said that some say we are making a worm farm!!! LOL HUH!!! WHAT an IDEA!!! HMMMM!!!! compost forever!!! LOL

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I've been keeping my garden gadgets in the storage container box (ab 30x20 in) we keep on the patio, handy seat too.
Trowlers are always in use so they are stuck (into the dirt up to their handles) in the almost always the same pots, having 2 of them makes it easier to find at least one.
See you soon,

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I kept losing my glasses in the garden so I bought those eyeglass keepers that hang around the neck. Tying tools around my neck would be the only way that I could keep up with them too. That sounds too extreme so I purchase my tools by the dozen and in the brightest color possible and just lose them every few feet so that I can always find a set after not too much searching.

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i use a old cleaning carry bucket, one side i keep my tools, clippers,small shovel, lil claw, the other smaller side i put seeds im gonna plant or big pks for collecting seeds. its often a mess but everythings there, i take it with me every were n dont have to worry about putting things up, cause once i toss whatever in the bucket its *put up* lol, n it fits on my wagon too. makes it nice if im working with plants too.

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Happy2BeeME(4a NH)

I gave up awhile ago trying to keep track of my small tools.Never close by when I needed it. My soulution was to buy several and when I am done using them I stick them in the dirt NEXT to the edge (border) and leave them there. Cute to see trowels standing up here and there and always one in close reach. Mind you they are the inexpensive ones so the weather doesn't matter.

I also leave old large metal serving spoons & forks stuck in the dirt here and there....

Now to figure out how to store the endless rakes, shovels, edgers, larger hand tools that I pile in the corner of my barn and never fails the one I want is way in the back and knock down the whole pile trying to get the one I want.

Great question....

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