Need help for landscaping ideas on new backyard

benpcolemanJuly 21, 2012

Hi all, first time poster, but was hoping to get some informed opinions on what to do with a newly acquired piece of land for our back yard. We are in Southern CA, Sunset Zone 21, and we just bought a piece of land that overlooks the mountains on a cliffside. Now, we just need to make some decisions for landscaping. I wanted to do some type of patio in the middle with planting around the edges, but not sure what my options are for DIY. There is existing grass on our original property, so should I extend this and then create a hardscape in the middle? Our intention is strictly landscaping, no structure. We also would like it to be low maintainence but we have irrigation so that is fine. The black iron fence you see is old property line, that will be gone. Any creative people out there have any suggestions? :)

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Current state of yard

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Right side of current yard

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" I wanted to do some type of patio in the middle with planting around the edges... Our intention is strictly landscaping, no structure."

Since "landscaping" can consist of anything that might be in the landscape: walks, wall, drive, fence, plantings, etc.... we might not know what you mean by "no structure"... after you say you want to do "some type of patio...".

SOMEONE must think of what goes where (do the design) and it will either be you with assistance from here, or it will be a designer that you hire. If you think you want to design the space, you might start be creating a scale base plan that shows the existing elements that will remain. Posting the base plan here will make it easier for people to comprehend the space and you will need it anyway if you're going to do the design. Including pictures that show how the space relates to the house and surrounding areas will be useful. So far, the pictures don't give a feel for how the house and space work together. Wouldn't you want a pathway connection between house and patio? So far, we can't see where that could possibly go. (The first picture is no good because of the intense shadow.) (BTW, you can post multiple photos in the same post; just list the code for each in succession.)

It will be helpful if you describe in greater detail your objectives. For example, what size of a patio? Any thoughts on material to make it from? Want shade? Privacy? Screening? Etc. If you have an idea of the size, shape and location for a patio, you should show it and get feedback on it.

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